Nintendo switch tegra x1

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OG Switch to get upgraded Nvidia Tegra X1 chip in mid-cycle revamp

nintendo switch tegra x1

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes - Android LineageOS + Dolphin - TEGRA X1 Nintendo Switch


This year's E3 delivered some impressive new Switch software , but hopes that Nintendo would reveal its hotly rumoured hardware revision - or hardware revisions - proved fruitless. The eagerly anticipated new Switches failed to materialise, but they should be appearing in the not-too-distant future - and while we know nothing about physical form-factors, the silicon at the heart of the new hardware is starting to come into focus. The standard Tegra X1 found within Switch is evolving and the evidence exists to demonstrate that both the mooted Switch mini and Switch Pro are possible targets offering improved performance, better battery life - or perhaps even both. The Switch hardware upgrade story starts last year - specifically around March - when Nintendo released the 5. Support for the standard 't' version of the Tegra X1, codenamed Logan, was joined by a new, hitherto unknown revision: t, also referenced as Mariko. Nvidia's Tegra codenames are based on the real names of superheroes Parker being Tegra X2 but Mariko is something different.

Their test results showcase a significant performance boost in some games. Dragon Quest Builders 2 , for instance, has particularly egregious issues with user-made levels, but with the CPU overclock frame rate went up by roughly 40 percent. Mortal Kombat 11 also benefits a lot. DOOM 3, which recently came out on Nintendo Switch after the surprise announcement at QuakeCon , also runs locked at 60 fps with the overclocks. In other cases, such as Saints Row the Third or even The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , the performance remains largely the same due to the bottleneck of the memory bandwidth.

Nintendo has announced a new version of its Switch game console that only works in handheld mode, yet it is considerably more compact, comes at a lower price point, and works for a longer time on one charge. The Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a 5. The console will support local and online multiplayer modes and will allow up to eight people to play at once anywhere with Wi-Fi. When it comes to style, the gaming device will come in grey, yellow, and turquoise to attract gamers with different tastes. Since the console is designed for games that support Handheld mode, it cannot connect to TV, work in tabletop mode because it does not have a kickstand , is not compatible with the Switch dock, does not support HD Rumble as well as IR Motion Camera.

While the new Nintendo Switch Lite is grabbing all the headlines, Nintendo has quietly sought FCC approval for what is called a "Class II Permission Change" as part of the certification process for a mid-cycle revamp of the original Switch hybrid console. The process allows for the certification of a device that has previously been certified after modifications have been applied to the design. The aim of the process is to save having to undergo a full recertification. For gadget lovers, the process has yielded the specific details of the design changes that Nintendo is making. We already know that the Switch features an ageing Tegra X1 chip that has an ARM-based design dating back to and fabricated on a similarly ageing 20nm node. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch Lite features an updated version of this chip, although it hasn't detailed exactly what the changes are; however, we can make an educated guess. Given the Switch Lite is said to be more power efficient the OG Switch, it makes sense to think that Nvidia has switched to a newer fabrication node, perhaps at least 14nm or even 10nm.

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