Ghost rider vs thanos

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A Brand-New Look for Thanos in Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 [Final Page Spoilers]

ghost rider vs thanos

Silver Surfer vs Thanos, Hulk and Ghost Rider

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Marvel's Agents of S. In Avengers: Infinity War , the Avengers failed to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones, which gave him the ultimate power to destroy half of the universe's population with a simple snap of his fingers. That snap left the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in shambles, with many of its characters fading away into nothing more than ash. Thanos' act left many Marvel fans wondering exactly who survived the snap. Although some of the Avengers' deaths were captured onscreen including the emotional death of Spider-Man , others were left to conjecture.

Well, Marvel just revealed a new one. It was obvious from the moment he crashed onto the pages of Thanos 13 that the new cosmically-empowered Ghost Rider from the distant future was a markedly different sort of person than his predecessors. Unlike Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes, who are known for their dour, depressing personalities, the Space Rider came across as a jolly if deranged , fun kind of guy. It feels like fate, almost, a kind of fate that this person probably deserves. Traditionally, Ghost Riders only exist in order to exact vengeance for those who have been wronged in some way.

It's an absolute blast! So how does Frank decide to go about doing this? By kidnapping the Mad Titan as an infant and becoming his surrogate father figure, of course. We can certainly appreciate hopeful ignorance in a hero's crusade, but Frank's idea was borderline ridiculous from the start. The Punisher is the human representation of iron will and self-justified murderous impulses, and, well, Thanos is the Titan representation of the exact same thing. That result, of course, is death.

This is a sensibility that has waned somewhat in recent decades, a result in part of a propensity to lean into decompressive storytelling and a seeming reticence to embrace the crazy that only comics can bring. Thank the gods, then, that we have writer Donny Cates. With a common foe in their sights, the former Punisher and the world partner in the buddy team-up we never knew we needed, with Galactus imbuing the Spirit of Vengeance with the power cosmic in order to chase Thanos across the cosmos. How successful are they? What becomes of Galactus? What I admire about Cates is his gusto for swinging for the fences and, as I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, his bald and beautiful instinct to just go for it in whatever storytelling endeavor he tackles. And while the madcap action is fun, thematically, issue 16 works on a number of levels.

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I would imagine that Thanos would be greatly effected by the penence stare. Board Walker Originally posted by tkitna I would believe Thanos to be above the penance stare, so my answer is no, Ghost Rider could not defeat thanos. Have you seen who the penance stare has effected? To say Thanos is above the penance stare is pure speculation. Besides, the current GR looks to be shaping up to the most powerful incarnation of any GR ever. He killed his own mother for giving him life. If it can effect Blackheart and Mephisto, then it likely can effect Thanos.


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