Nove lune e mezza cast

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nove lune e mezza cast


Two contrasting visions of life: on the one hand, the "rock" and adventurous of the brave Livia, cellist without maternal instinct; on the other hand, the reassuring routine of his sister Tina, shy urban vigilant with an ardent desire for maternity. We don't have any reviews for Nine and a Half Moons. La casa di famiglia 6. Sconnessi 6. Like a Cat on a Highway 6. Tis the Season to Be Smurfy 6. The Blinkins: The Bear and the Blizzard 6.

Cassiera Indolente. Alessandro Tiberi Vanni. Stefano Fresi Nicola Paglia. Giorgio Pasotti Fabio Michela Andreozzi Tina Nello Mascia Antonio.
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Theaters More Theaters Nearby. Join Atom Rewards. Nove lune e mezza Rated Not Rated. Rated Not Rated. One sister wants children and can't have them, another can have them but doesn't want them. Added Add to Watch List.


Nove lune e mezza

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The first sister is hyper-fertile but has no intention of bringing children into the world, and the second sister wants nothing more than to become a mother, but her body won't play ball. Livia shudders at the thought of pregnancy and the idea of carrying around an "alien" in her belly for nine months, but when faced with her sister's despair she agrees to surrogacy following a suggestion from her homosexual gynaecologist Stefano Fresi , who, along with his partner Manfredi Massimiliano Vado , began his family in more or less the same way in Canada. All this must happen, of course, in secret. A comedy that is first and foremost an homage to the freedom of choice, supported by a pair of close-knit protagonists who know how to mix irony and sensitivity by embodying a sisterhood that is tender, conflicting and contradictory, just like all sisterhoods. Did you enjoy reading this article? Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more stories like this directly in your inbox. Among the most nominated films are Love and Bullets and Dogman.

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