Best slow motion video camera

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The best slow motion cameras

best slow motion video camera

Let's look at some of the latest and greatest high frame rate video cameras for creating the best cinematic slow motion sequences possible.

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There are few things in this world cooler than slow motion footage! A great way to impress both friends and associates, many cameras are now adapting to the slow motion trend. As such, there are now a lot of slow motion capable cameras on the market and sorting through the choices can be overwhelming. When looking for a camera that is capable of slowing down footage, make sure to pay attention to the frames per second, or FPS. Additional specifications such as resolution and sensor size also impact the quality of your slowed down video!

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With so many cameras available that all shoot at different frame rates and resolutions the amount of information can be overwhelming. To make it easier for everyone that is interested in purchasing a slow motion camera we have picked the 5 best slow mo cameras currently available. Wether you are looking for a fps or fps camera. If you have a big budget or a smaller budget. We have selected cameras for every kind of buyer.

Just a few years ago, the only way to capture quality slow motion footage was by investing in an expensive and pricey camera. But now, all thanks to the developments that have shaped the camera manufacture scene, you can easily shoot in slow-mo using your DSLR or even a phone.
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Catching a moment in slow motion requires a sophisticated camera that can capture a high number of frames per second with a respective resolution. Slow motion cameras allow you to catch the action as it occurs, and there are several different models on the market. Many will fit into your price range, while many others will not. The best slow motion cameras can easily cost several thousands of dollars or more. We're going to review five of the top slow motion cameras of , so you can find a model that suits your needs. This isn't your everyday camera, and it has the ability to capture up to 1 million frames per second at a low resolution of just x On the highest resolution of x , you'll be able to achieve a staggering 25, frames per second.

Most video professionals, filmmakers, and videographers are always on the lookout for clean, beautiful, and crisp slow motion footage that they can use in their projects. Besides, footage captured in slow motion can play a significant role when added to both small and big projects. That said, catching a slow motion moment requires the use of a sophisticated camera that has the ability to capture quite a number of frames per second on select resolution. The best video camera for slow motion allows you to capture the action as it happens. Given that there are different models available in the market, knowing which camera to choose can be quite the task not to add the different price tags. As such, we have reviewed some of the slow motion cameras that you can consider if you are keen on creating the best slow motion sequences.

The 6 Best Video Cameras for Slow Motion in 2019

Phone slow motion options above fps were a big surprise this year and the frame rate quality improved in other cameras up to fps. There has been a stagnation in the mid to professional camera range at the fps with no big improvements afterward.,


Best Slow Motion Cameras in 2019




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