Jamai raja 14 november 2016

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Jamai Raja - Episode 623 - November 14, 2016 - Full Episode

jamai raja 14 november 2016

Gangu Tai breaks her relation with him and says I knew this would happen one day as you alebiafricancuisine.com stops from saying truth. Satya tells Mahi that his mum will forgive him and will accept her. Mahi tells Satya that she canít forgive herself if his relation with his mum breaks.

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The Episode starts with Payal taking the woman in car and says she has to take her far. Mahi tells Gangu Tai that circumstances was such that Satya had to marry her and tells that Satya saved her from her mum. Gangu Tai says you was taking care of her, being away from me. Just let me say once. Gangu Tai asks do you love me?

Satya overhears Payal speaking on the phone with Subhadra and decides to himself investigate about the matter. He later reaches Shubhadra's place along with Maahi, disguised as a govenment official. The two of them manage to make their way into the house but Shubhdra takes the woman, whom she had been hiding all this while, and escapes from the house. Satya and Maahi go after Shubhadra, but she ends up meeting with an accident and dies. However, Satya and Maahi find out that Subhadra had left the lady in a garrage and the two of them look for the garrage to find out the secret that Payal had been hiding from them.

Mahi gets some information about the mystery which Payal has covered up. Subhadra divulges that there is a mystery. Where In the latest episode, Kajal calls Satya. Payal gets up listening to telephone ringing and ponders from where the ring clamor came. Mahi gets sentimental and says she needs to advise her something.

Payal is stunned seeing a girl with Maahi's real face and she later speaks to Satya about this. Both Satya and Payal agree that something suspicious is going on around and they decide to join hands to get to the root of the matter. Later, the two of them keep an eye on the girl and just then, Maahi approaches them. Satya and Payal get worried that Maahi, who is now having an all new face after the surgery, might come across the girl with Maahi's face. Satya and Payal try to avoid the two girls from meeting each other and succeed in their endeavour.

The Episode starts with Subhadra calling Payal and informing her that someone was searching her in the basti yesterday. Payal thinks who might be the person. Satya hears her and comes to Mahi. He informs her that something is wrong and he has to go and find the truth. Mahi tells him that she will come with him and everything is happening with her. He asks her to meet him within 10 mins.

Today Jamai Raja Episode 14th November Written Updates Satya Mahi Finds About Payal Secret :- Payal brings in the other Mahi alias Shiny Doshi in the house thinking that she will make her pawn and get the whole property to her name but the tables got turned when it revealed that she is the real one while Sara Ali Khan is the fake Mahi and her actual name is Aleena she was helping her and Satya in exposing the reality of Payal in front of everyone. In the early morning Payal went to meet a lady Satya follows her and finds that she was talking to someone in the colony then he tells Mahi regarding that they both went to the same Colony again to find out actually what is she trying to hide then find the house from where she was talking to that lady. The house was locked from outside Mahi feels that there is someone inside the house and was trying to ask them for help they tried to break the door but suddenly other Colony people arrived and they made an excuse in front of them and rushed away from that place. Satya and Mahi went back to Sen Gupta house they started thinking about what they should do next as Payal is definitely hiding something which they need to find out they found Subhadra in an injured state she tells Mahi that your mother is hiding something from you and someone needs her help. I am a cool brat from Jammu and Kashmir who is an amateur bike rider and pro blogger. I love to hang around with mah buddies, explore new things and yes I am the one who believes in skill rather than qualification.

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  1. Jamai Raja 14th November Written Episode, Written Update on alebiafricancuisine.com The Episode starts with Subhadra calling Payal and.

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