Museo nazionale delle residenze napoleoniche

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museo nazionale delle residenze napoleoniche

Palazzina dei Mulini, adjacent to Fort Stella, was one of the residences occupied by Napoleon Bonaparte and his court during his exile on the Island of Elba.

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Palazzina dei Mulini, adjacent to Fort Stella, was one of the residences occupied by Napoleon Bonaparte and his court during his exile on the Island of Elba. Its name, "Mulini" derives from the previous existence of mills, later converted into houses. On the facade is a beautiful sundial from The villa contains paintings and mementoes of the Emperor as well as some furniture, mainly in Empire style. Especially interesting is Napoleon's Library, found in the residence. Today the Library consists of around works remaining in the catalogue from the over 2, volumes that made up the original collection. According to eighteenth-century French library regulations, the books in libraries were organised under five headings: theology and religion, law and jurisprudence, history, science and arts, and literature.

Villa dei Mulini was chosen by Napoleon to recreate, in a reduced size, the atmosphere of a court. The emperor also chose the Villa as his principal residence for his dominant position over the city. There are currently preserved memorabilia, furnishings and furniture of the time and part of the interesting library containing works by Voltaire, La Fontaine, Plutarch, which was later donated to Portoferraio. Villa San Martino was bought by Napoleon in June to make it his summer residence. It was later acquired by Prince Anatole Demidoff Bonaparte heir by marriage who built the imposing neoclassical gallery that bore his name and today houses a collection of nineteenth-century Napoleonic prints. Winter time in force until March 31 Weekday to last admission hours ; Festive 8. Text Search.

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Please note that for safety reasons only 30 people at a time are allowed access to the Villa dei Mulini Museum. During the Bicentenary in the first renovation work was carried out, and more is yet to come , in an attempt to bring the Villa back to its original beauty. Built in by the Grand Duke Gian Gastone de' Medici, the original building wasn't what it's like now, because Napoleon had some alterations done by the architect Paolo Bargigli from Livorno to suit his own needs better: the central part that connected the two original buildings was made higher so he could have a ball room. The entrance is on the ground floor , and the main rooms of the Emperor's apartment are connected by a corridor: the first room you come to is the main room , then the library and finally the bedroom. Going past the stairs that lead to the ball room, originally for Maria Luisa's use, but used solely by his sister Paolina, you get to his studio and the room for his pages.

Al primo piano l'Imperatore fece realizzare una biblioteca, dove si dice che passasse molto tempo. All'ingresso si trova la statua della Galatea, attribuita ad Antonio Canova , che pare si fosse ispirato per la scultura alle fattezze di Paolina Bonaparte. All'esterno fu creato un viale di gelsi e aiuole geometriche all'italiana, secondo il dominante stile eclettico. Il parco retrostante alla villa venne arricchito con piante esotiche e voliere per uccelli pregiati. Nel la dinastia dei Demidoff si estinse almeno nel ramo toscano e le loro collezioni vennero sfortunatamente disperse. La galleria napoleonica divenne un museo e in seguito uno spazio espositivo per varie mostre di lungo periodo. Oggi, dopo lavori di restauro ospita stampe del periodo di Napoleone provenienti da varie collezioni private.

National Museum of the Villa dei Mulini in Portoferraio

The work were carried out quickly and included the expansion of the building, the renovation of the prospectus, the arrangement of an airy roofgarden overlooking Portoferraio's harbor, and the interiors decoration, entrusted to Antonio Vincenzo Revelli. Following the precipitous escape from Elba and the well-known napoleonic story, Villa San Martino passed to the heirs of the Emperor until , until was acquired by the noble Russian Anatolio Demidoff, a great art collector and, above all, an admirer of Napoleon.

Museo Nazionale delle Residenze Napoleoniche dell'isola d’Elba – Villa di San Martino

Napoleon personally supervised the transformation of what had been a large farmhouse in the hills 5km southwest of Portoferraio into an elegant villa where he could escape the summer heat. Romanticism and hubris bot…. The Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago Toscano safeguards the delicate ecosystems of Elba's seven islands as well as the sq km of sea that washes around them. It's Europe's largest protected marine area and is home…. Portoferraio's loftiest highest hill is crowned by this largely intact, 16th-century fort — a key point, together with Fort Stella and Torre del Martello, in the defensive ring built around the town by Cosimo…. To enjoy an invigorating minute hike, head up through Marciana along Via della Madonna to reach this much-altered hilltop chapel with its 13th-century fresco of the Madonna painted on a slab of granite. A remarka….



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