Robert capa in love and war documentary

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Robert Capa: In Love and War

robert capa in love and war documentary

Directed by Anne Makepeace. With Steven Spielberg, Goran Visnjic. A documentary about the life of famed war photographer Robert Capa.

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Anne Makepeace's expert Robert Capa in Love and War sifts through the memories of that photographer's circle, coming up with a film full of defining, little-known stories about the forces that compelled him. It is documentary as divining rod. Elvis Mitchell, New York Times click here to download the full article Blessed with a passionate and humane personality was photographer Robert Capa, the subject of Anne Makepeace's thoughtful, comprehensive and surprisingly emotional Robert Capa in Love and War. Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times click here to download the full article An illuminating documentary that sheds a generous amount of light on his remarkable output and colorful private life. Dorothy Rabinowitz, The Wall Street Journal click here to download the full article Both filmmaker and subject are absolutely top-drawer.

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Deftly interweaving archival material, interviews with surviving acquaintances and, of course, stunning still photos, Makepeace fashions a multifaceted portrait of a complex figure. Gradually, however, idealism trumped pragmatism. Pic depicts the drop-dead handsome Capa as a compulsive gambler — whether on the battlefield, where he routinely diced with death to get great shots, or at the racetrack, where he wagered fortunes to finance his Magnum photo agency. The great love of his life, writer-photographer Gerda Taro, perished while on assignment during the Spanish Civil War. Born Endre Friedman in , he reinvented himself as a vet photographer named Robert Capa while seeking work during his hardscrabble days in Paris. He based his new moniker on U.


Sign in. Michael McKean shares a surprising pick that made his Watchlist. - In this article the photograph will be referred to as The Fal ling Soldier;the man in the photograph, when not referred to by his name, will be called the Falling Soldier [intentionally not italicized]. The allegation had first surfaced in , in a book by Phillip Knightley, a British journalist and historian, about how war correspondents — ever since the beginning of the profession, during the Crimean War of the s — had often distorted the truth.

Robert Capa “In Love and War” 2003



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