Red cliff music scene

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red cliff music scene

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My goal is for this film to rise above cultural and historical barriers, so that the western audience feels as if they are watching an Asian Troy , while the eastern audience can discover new perspectives on a familiar story. Red Cliff was originally made as two films, part one and part two; the current U. A breathtaking war epic, Red Cliff brings to the big screen the legendary tale of the Battle of Red Cliff that took place in A. The world has many kinds of heroes, but I like heroes that are real and human. I see many similarities between my idea of what a hero should be and the characters of Three Kingdoms. I genuinely believe that human emotion is universal and not bound by culture. The same values of virtue, morality and friendship are praised in the west just as they are in the east.

I have desgined the scene to let the two heroes, Zhou Yu and Zhuge [Red Cliff] Editor David Wu confirmed that his intent was to recall the.
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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Red Cliff Hide Spoilers. My favorite scene in the movie was one where Zhuge Liang was lying alone in the a vast meadow.

It is Woo's first major film since 's Paycheck [7] and his first Chinese-language feature since 's Hard Boiled , [8] also starring Leung. In China and much of Asia, Red Cliff was released in two parts, totaling over four hours in length minutes. The first part minutes premiered in Beijing on 2 July and the second minutes was released in China on 7 January Outside Asia, a cut-down single minute version was released in Woo decided to alter the story using modern feelings and his own feelings for a more worldly acceptance. According to Woo, historical accuracy was less important than how the audience felt about the battle.

This is important to understand, because Red Cliff , the John Woo directed movie about one of the most important battles of the period, carried a significant amount of public interest upon its release in Asia. It is the most expensive movie ever produced entirely in Asia, and concerns an event which most in the Asian audience knew a hundred and one details about, but had never before seen onscreen in a theatrical release. There must have been a lot of different opinions about how the battle should be portrayed, and Woo had the difficult task of living up to such high expectations. By all accounts he succeeded, with the film garnering critical acclaim and overwhelming financial success in the Asian market. The film is made up of two acts in Asia it was released as two separate films, while in the West it is coming out on DVD as a single, significantly condensed cut. When the Emperor assents, Cao Cao begins to march south, with a vast army in tow.

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Red Cliff - Calming moment with excellent soundtrack

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. When Zhuge goes to take help from Zhou yu in Red Cliff , they have one musical duel, you can see it here.

Red Cliff or Chibi (Chinese: ??) is a Chinese epic war film, based on the Battle of 6 Awards and nominations; 7 Music . In the final scene, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang have a final conversation before Zhuge walks away into the far .
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