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glenn walking dead comic

Glenn is a main character first encountered in Issue 2 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of the original Atlanta survivor group, and a skilled.


He is a member of the original Atlanta survivor group , and a skilled supply runner. After leaving Atlanta , he met Maggie Greene and eventually married her, and later had a son named Hershel. The couple also adopted Sophia after her mother 's death. Glenn is the primary supply runner for the group for the time he is with them, from Atlanta up to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Glenn is described as clever, optimistic and resourceful. From his introduction, Glenn had proven over the course of the series his importance to the group's survival. His initiative to put himself in danger in Atlanta to get supplies was a vital necessity for the group.

She is the sole surviving member of the Greene family , girlfriend-turned-wife of Glenn , and mother of their child , and after Carol 's death, she becomes the adoptive mother of Sophia. After Glenn's death, Maggie and her daughter move to the Hilltop Colony and, eventually, convinces the population to fight against the Saviors , successfully removing Gregory from power and becoming the leader. Several years after Rick Grimes' death , Maggie became an important figure of the new world and the president of the Commonwealth. Maggie was never a religious individual, often annoyed by her father's extreme religious attitude, which he was awakened to after her mother's death. She's shown herself to be both physically and emotionally weak, relying on Glenn for protection and comfort. She often struggles with her own insecurities as well, worrying about what people including Glenn think of her, even within the most least affecting situations, and trying to hide her emotions so as not to have her weaknesses be fully exposed.

He is voiced by Nick Herman in the video game of the same name , by Telltale Games. In the comics, he is known simply as Glenn and was not given a last name. In both forms of media, Glenn is a young pizza delivery boy from Atlanta although in the television series it's stated that he's originally from Yeun's home state, Michigan who is separated from his family after the zombie outbreak and joins a group of survivors led by Rick Grimes. Glenn is known for being quick thinking and resourceful, which makes him the group's primary supply runner. As the group begins to move around the region looking for sanctuary, Glenn meets Maggie Greene and they fall in love. Their relationship is tested in numerous ways throughout the course of the series as their humanity is challenged in the face of numerous threats, including hostile survivors the group comes into contact with. They eventually marry and have a child, although Glenn is killed by Negan before the child is born.

He is the main supply runner for the Atlanta survivor camp and he saved Rick Grimes from walker -infested Atlanta , bringing him back to his camp to reunite him with his family. During the group's stay on the Greene family farm , Glenn forms a long-lasting relationship with Hershel Greene 's daughter Maggie. He marries her and the two eventually conceive a child. At the West Georgia Correctional Facility , Glenn becomes a reliable council member but falls ill to a sickness that prevents him from doing his duty. After the downfall of the prison , Glenn escapes from the wreckage with the help of Tara Chambler. While searching for his wife, he meets Abraham Ford and his group on a journey to Washington, D.

The Walking Dead 's writers chose to end their season six finale with a massive, frustrating cliffhanger that deprived fans of the knowledge of who the show's newest villain, Negan, brutally murders in the final seconds of the episode. We now know for better or for worse who is on the receiving end of the bat: Abe, then Glenn. Abe famously dies in the comics with an arrow through the eye, but since Denise takes that death instead on the show, his storyline has been a bit of a loose thread. The premiere sees Abe beat senseless first, before Glenn is tragically beat to a pulp. It's horrific, but let's be honest: the makeup job is insanely good.

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