Ms pac man google maps

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Play Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

ms pac man google maps

Mar 31, A screenshot from Ms. Pac Man on Google Maps. image: Google. It's that time of year again: time for the Internet to give over to wackiness in an.

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To do this, open the Google Maps app on your phone or other mobile device. You'll see a Ms. Pac-Man icon on the right side. Or, go to Google Maps on your desktop browser. You'll find a Ms. Pac-Man icon in the lower left corner.

April Fools' Day is upon us again and for two of the last three years , Google has rolled out a fully playable version Pac-Man on its Maps app and web service to transform the standard street-view into an old-school gamer's playground. This year, Google is giving the first lady of gaming her due: Ms. Pac-Man is taking over your Map for the lighthearted holiday, making your navigation that much more fun. The promotion is available on Maps for Android, iOS, and desktop. Playing is simple: just pull up the app on your phone or desktop, search for somewhere you think would be a good place to play, and get ready to munch on some dots. Once you press on the Ms.

The classic arcade game Ms Pac-Man is now playable in any street in the UK, thanks to a frustratingly addictive new update to Google Maps. The California-based search firm is now allowing Google Maps users to launch a game of Ms Pac-Man through the streets of their hometown at any time. Ms Pac-Man is available to play online and through an updated version of the iOS and Android mobile apps. The teeth-grindingly addictive video game is slowing rolling out across the world as April Fools' day hits. To play Ms Pac-Man in your browser, simply navigate to to google. In the bottom left-hand corner where users are given the option to switch to satellite images Google has added a button to launch Ms Pac-Man. Controlling Pac-Man is simple tap on the up, down, left and right arrows to move the iconic chomping yellow circle through the streets to collect dots and cherries.

Attention, Ms. Pac-Man fans. If you don't already have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, you're going to want to do that today. You can now take a trip down memory lane and play the classic arcade game right inside Google Maps. There goes your weekend.

A screenshot from Ms. Pac Man on Google Maps. For Google, April Fool's Day comes a day early, and the company has been known to take its April Fool's projects -- pranks seems reductive here -- seriously in the past. This year is no exception. The company has embedded the classic arcade game Ms. Pac-Man into Google Maps, allowing players to virtually roam city streets to snag dots and avoid ghosts. How to play, you ask?

While updates usually do things like improve stability or speed, this update does something far more useful: it lets you play "Ms. Open up your app and in the bottom-right corner, just above the crosshair "Pinpoint My Location" button, you should see a mauve button with the image of Ms. Clicking her will darken your screen and transform the city streets you normally see into a maze based on a random location, complete with edible dots, power pellets and four ghosts. It's not your traditional "Ms. Pac-Man," though, as the mazes aren't symmetrical.

Google Maps now lets you play Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools

Ms. Pac-Man Google Maps

You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man On Google Maps





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