Tappa san candido piancavallo

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tappa san candido piancavallo

Giro d'Italia 2017 Etape 19 San Candido - Piancavallo

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The race was won by Tom Dumoulin , who became the first Dutch male winner of the Giro. Details about the first three stages of the race were unveiled at a press conference on 14 September The remainder of the route was unveiled by race director Mauro Vegni on 25 October There were 21 stages in the race, covering a total distance of 3, Ulrich ; and stage 19, to Piancavallo. The Cima Coppi the race's highest elevation was the Stelvio Pass , summited during stage Team classification classifica a squadre.

Pierre gets us a big win today at the giroditalia and the emotion grabs hold. Bravo PierroooRolland!!!! We did the recon of the first two climbs for tomorrow. Ready for a hard week in the mountains! JaspergoesItaly Giro pic. Giro pic.

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News and Updates for Giro d'Italia 2017

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Chances are the race will be decided on the closing climb. The other peaks are too far away from the finish line for that, yet they will play their part in the attrition. San Candido is a ski resort in the beautiful Puster Valley. The German name for the village is Innichen. After the start the route goes up without delay and





2017 Giro d'Italia




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