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michela murgia fabio volo

"I made a promise: to not nip the books of Fabio Volo, for the same reason that you do not shoot on the Red Cross". Michela Murgia admits to having tried not to .

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Reading in my mother tongue is now a treat.
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Michela Murgia admits to having tried not to take it up with one of the authors most read and criticized in Italy. Evidently, however, "what i want" edited, "shamefully", by Mondadori , just not the went down, and his criticism of the vitriol has put us a little to become viral on the web. This is a libroide, it is not written! Lifestar tells how, in the past, Augias has repeatedly demonstrated the esteem in which the alloy to literary criticism, which has always appreciated the style. This time, however, the comparison was expected to be at the vitriol. The same Murgia admits that he never had any intention to discredit a book by Fabio Volo, but "in front of an emergency, I have to subvert my calendar". Worse: "I will call this book 'libroide', something made of the same material as the book, but that is not a book": the last strike of the final: "Fabio, the trees, it is describe as" a complex: don't go in the woods, because you don't know how to react to nature.

Reading in my mother tongue is now a treat. On one hand there are no good italian bookstores abroad. Or maybe I did not find them. So sometimes my purchases are a bit random. Not in the mood for re-reading Calvino, Eco and a few other foreign bookstore blockbusters, I sometimes pick what I find.

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