Tenosinovite di de quervain

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DeQuervains syndrome

tenosinovite di de quervain

Tenosinovite di De Quervain. Abduttore lungo ed estensore breve del primo dito, in corrispondenza del I canale degli estensori, sono ispessiti ed ipoecogeni.


Capodaglio , N. Mancin, N. Cornaggia, E. Capodaglio , G. Saretto, G. Catenacci, P.

De Quervain tenosynovitis is the second most common entrapment tendinopathy in the hand following trigger finger. Most cases are associated with overuse, however, local trauma can also precipitate the condition. Mothers and childcare workers are particularly afflicted due to lifting of infants, while secretarial and nursing workers are also over-represented 6. Patients present with pain on thumb and wrist movement and with focal tenderness and swelling over the radial styloid. Triggering or crepitus may also be elicited 3. The APL and EPB tendons are tightly secured against the radial styloid by the overlying extensor retinaculum which creates a fibro-osseous tunnel.

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Stenosing tenosynovitis.

Tecnica Gavilan - Il trattamento della Tenosinovite di De Quervain


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  1. De Quervains tendinitis is a painful overuse condition involving the tendons located over the thumb side of the wrist.

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