Opinioni continental ts 850

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Continental WinterContact TS 850 P

opinioni continental ts 850


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On the new ContiWinterContact TM TS , enhanced edge characteristics on the middle and inside of the tire significantly improve the grip on snow. These sipes can take on much more snow and increase the traction due to greater snow-snow friction. With a new type of wet polymer, the new ContiWinterContact TM TS performs better in the wet without compromising its performance in snow. Ultra-active carbon black in the tire compound noticeably enhances the driving stability. Tire life and long-term flexibility of the tread could be increased by reactive plasticizers in the tyre compound.

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A former winner in our inch test, the Gen-1 is one of the older tyres here, having been launched in Unlike some rivals, Goodyear has managed to produce a tyre that works well in all conditions. And that applies to shallow and deep water, because it took a win in the curved aquaplaning test and second place in braking. You could feel that braking on the handling circuit and initial grip was good, although that was lost quickly as lock increased. The upside is that the rear was very stable, unlike some rivals. That tail moved more on the snow, but it was progressive and easy to control. The front was stronger, yet care was needed with the throttle not to break traction on longer turns.

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Pirelli repeats its third place from the last time we tested this size when the Cinturato Winter was new. The Cinturato Winter was more effective on snow, delivering a good balance on the handling track. But maintaining grip required care with the throttle. The only black mark was braking, where it needed about two metres more than the winner. It felt good around the wet handling track; only the Continental was sharper. Good traction meant it was best of the rest after the WinterContact, but was still two seconds off its pace.

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Please help millions of other drivers make an informed tyre choice and pick the correct tyres for their car by submitting your review of the Winter Contact TS P SUV. Negative - Slightly long dry braking. - Summer tyres. Winter tyres.

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There are currently no runflat sizes of the TS, however there are 5 planned runflat sizes due for introduction in winter The Continental WinterContact TS was recently tested by Auto Bild and found to have mid-pack noise characteristics, but still quieter than the summer tyre on test. As I only use them from October to March, am I chosing a good tyre? I wanted to try the Contis but they are not available. Where I live it rains a lot during the winter and we eventually have snow. Thanks in advance!


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