Formula 1 film rush

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5 of the greatest F1 films ever

formula 1 film rush

The merciless s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki in Rush () Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth at an event for Rush () . glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing in the s, the film is based on.


The Fast and the Furious is a movie that inspired a lot of people to soup up their cars or hit the throttle of their cars a bit harder. A lot of them even perhaps took to drag racing on the streets, something that is illegal and dangerous. Grand Prix — This fictional movie was released at the end of Driver Pete Aron James Garner loses his sponsor after a few crashes. Undeterred, he is signed up by the new Japanese team — Yamura Motors — for the season. Aron, trying to shed his reputation as a reckless and ordinary driver, faces a stiff challenge from Frenchman Jean-Pierre Sarti Yves Montand , a two-time champion, on the track.

Rush is a biographical sports film centred on the Hunt—Lauda rivalry between two Formula One drivers , the British James Hunt and the Austrian Niki Lauda [10] during the Formula 1 motor-racing season. The film premiered in London on 2 September and was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival [11] [12] before its United Kingdom release on 13 September James Hunt and Niki Lauda are exceptional racing car drivers who first develop a fierce rivalry in at a Formula Three race in London , when both their cars spin before Hunt wins the race. Hunt is a brash and self-confident individual, while Lauda is a cool and calculating technical genius who relies on practice and precision. Lauda then joins Scuderia Ferrari with Regazzoni and wins his first championship in

Lauda was a three-time F1 champion. Hunt during the s inspired the Ron Howard film “Rush,” died Monday from undisclosed causes.
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A three-time world champion , Niki Lauda died on 20 May , at the age of His life was an example of chasing a dream regardless of the consequences of doing so. Lauda gave up a cushy career in his family business for the risky world of Formula One. He went to any lengths to be able to race, notoriously hitting the track while his bandages were still soaked in blood from an accident six weeks earlier. The movie was centred on the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. For six years between , the two would not miss any opportunity to race each other. Travelling back in time, Hunt is portrayed as a brash, self-confident and cocky individual, known for womanizing and drinking.

Austrian F1 legend and three-time formula one world champion Niki Lauda passed away on Monday. He was 70 and died at a hospital, eight months after going through a lung transplant. Lauda was a revered champion in the racing circuit and won world titles in , and , two of which were after his horrific accident at the racing track at the German Grand Prix. Lauda, a courageous driver, was admired within the club of racers for his remarkable driving skills and more so for his comeback post Lauda's journey has been aptly covered in the sports-drama film Rush , which to this date, remains one of the most loved and extensively researched films in the genre.

Revisiting Rush, the movie that brought Niki Lauda to the big screen

Written by Jamie O'Leary 4w ago. With so many rivalries, drama, tales of skulduggery and high-speed excitement, it's no surprise that Hollywood's finest have had a love affair with Formula One over the years. Grand Prix



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  1. Lauda takes a large bank loan from Austria's Raiffeisen Bank (wearing their logo thereafter) to buy his way into the BRM Formula One team, meeting.

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