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european patent attorney register

European Patent Office - Professional representatives: This area contains database of European patent attorneys or othter professional representatives. Request for registration/deletion of an association of professional.

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Natural or legal persons having either their residence or their principal place of business in a contracting state to the EPC can undertake all procedural steps before the EPO themselves and are not obliged to appoint a representative. Other applicants are, however, required to be represented by a professional representative Article 1 EPC or a legal practitioner Article 8 EPC except when filing an application or paying fees. An association of professional representatives can also be authorised according to Rule 11 EPC. Even if you are not obliged to appoint a professional representative, it may still be helpful to consult one. To make it easier to find what you need, the EPO maintains an up-to-date database of professional representatives updated twice a month.

We are able to offer Euro-PCT phase entry at attractive cost because of our investment in technology and because we ask for payment before we file at the European Patent Office. After filing, we can continue to act for you before the EPO, or we are happy to transfer representation to your preferred European Patent Attorney at no additional cost. Enter the PCT national phase in other offices with your usual filing service. Enter your WO number and click search - check details and click confirm to place your order. Correcting the number of claims and page numbers after amendments is easy - the go-european quote automatically adjusts. The go-european quote lists our service fee, essential official fees and any claims fees - compare our quote with your usual agent.

Directories of patent attorneys - the guide to intellectual property information, Official directories of national registered patent attorneys (listed.
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We wish you a warm welcome to our European patent registration site. Our primary practice IP Law area is registration of European patents. We are premier European patent law advisor to clients globally. Click on your area of interest and let us know how we can be of your service. Our European patent attorneys, patent counsels, agents and involved experts provide patent legal advice, lawyers services and support for registration of patents in Europe, including: patent search, patent filing, patent prosecution, registration of patent applications for obtaining European Patent and patent licensing, valuation and commercialization. Individually focused intellectual property service, diligently assisting each single client in order to achieve the best possible result.

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Generally speaking, an applicant may themself file a patent application with the DPMA. The following particulars should be observed:., The European Patent Convention EPC , the multilateral treaty providing the legal system according to which European patents are granted, contains provisions regarding whether a natural or juristic person i.

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In such a way, our country joined the family of the European countries members of this organization, including all 27 members of the European Union, and also Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Island, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Turkey. On the basis of this accession to the EPO, Serbia got full membership in the committees and working bodies of this Organization. In such a way, Serbia is actively participating in the development of the patent system in Europe. The accession to the EPO brings along certain novelties regarding the filing of international patent applications. The accession of Serbia to the European Patent Organization facilitates the procedure of filing applications for the protection of inventions in the member states of the EPO. When the domestic applicant wishes to protect his invention in more member states of the EPO, it is enough to file one application in the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia or in the European Patent Office, on the basis of which the European Patent Office shall conduct one administrative procedure for the grant of patents.

This is the portal for professionals working in the field of intellectual property. Here you'll find direct access to all necessary resources. Roundtable on the protection of computer-implemented inventions. The nomination period for the European Inventor Award is now open. Up until 30 September, List of professional representatives authorised to represent before the EPO. We are interested in your opinion!






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