Roof windows and skylights

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Why You Should Consider Skylights or Roof Windows

roof windows and skylights

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Modern roof windows are an optimal solution used in the construction industry as they illuminate interiors, ventilate loft spaces and provide views to the outside. What is more, installing windows in the roof is cheaper and less labour-intensive than building dormers. Roof windows are changing. Currently manufactured roof windows are products of the highest quality, featuring high durability, energy-efficiency, safety and convenient operation. Windows with raised axis of rotation or top hung and pivot windows have gained recognition in the eyes of the customers since they ensure much higher functionality. When choosing roof windows, one must take into account functionality, energy-efficiency, safety of use and burglary resistance.

Homeowners considering some form of glass set into the roofline can sometimes be confused by the various terms they encounter. It doesn't help when window manufacturers do not use the terms with any kind of consistency. For some, the terms skylight and roof window are entirely synonymous, while for other manufacturers, the differences are notable and important. While there are precise structure definitions that distinguish skylights from roof windows, in the modern building trades, there are fairly common distinctions made:. There are nearly as many options for windows set into the roofline as there are for windows in walls. While operating mechanisms are somewhat more limited you rarely find sliding windows or double-hung style used in roofs, for example , you have the same options for glazing and glass. Some types of roof windows are operated by remote control motorsówhich is essential if you want a vented window set high above in a light shaft.

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Home Skylights and Roof Windows. Before you choose a skylight for your attic conversion, take the time to consider the options available and understand the benefits that a suitable skylight or roof window can bring to your home. Residential Catalog. The main reason to add a skylight to your home is to let in natural light. This can reduce your reliance on artificial lighting options, which could lead to lower power bills. Perhaps more importantly, natural light can also have beneficial effects on mood, which means that adding a skylight or roof window could improve the quality of life of people living in your home.

A skylight is a light-transmitting structure that forms all or part of the roof space of a building for daylighting purposes. Open skylights were used in Ancient Roman architecture , such as the oculus of the Pantheon. Glazed 'closed' skylights have been in use since the Industrial Revolution made advances in glass production manufacturing. Mass production units since the midth century have brought skylights to many uses and contexts. Energy conservation has brought new motivation, design innovation, transmission options, and efficiency rating systems for skylights. Prior to the Industrial Revolution , it was France that probably had the leading technology in architectural glass.

What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window? We all have a predilection to well lit, inviting spaces, so increasing the use of glazing products in the built environment is almost always an efficient way of improving an internal space. But what is the difference between these glazing products: is a skylight different to a rooflight, or a rooflight different to a roof window? These are probably the easiest to define because they are covered under BS EN Once installed, they should be weatherproofed using a skirt or flashing. Roof windows must be CE marked before they can be sold and manufacturers are expected to provide a declaration of performance DOP to advise specifiers how each unit performs under test conditions.

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What is the difference between a skylight, rooflight or roof window?





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