Rome train station map

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Rome's local trains with prices, passes and tickets

rome train station map

The train is a great way of seeing Italy with a good network of inter-city and regional, plus urban services. For the most part rail is a much stronger proposition.

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As many times as we've been to Rome we don't even need maps anymore However, put me in Termini Station and it's like going to a totally new destination. Taxi usually drops us at the Termini Station, but not in the very front. When we go into Termini via the side entrances I just have no clue where to go from there. It seems we always end up having to drag suitcases up the stairs and can never find an elevator or escalator. I know it sounds like I might be stupid, but I've traveled quite a bit and navigated quite successfully - but Termini is always my stumbling block.

Rome is a city of myth, legend, history and Fellini. The evidence of its extensive past is all around you as you wander through its history-soaked streets and movie-set-worthy beauty. Rome is more than — well — a forum for ruins. Stand under the open oculus with your head up to the heavens. About Italy. With the help of local transport, you can avoid getting behind the wheel of a rental car or dare a bare-knuckled cab ride — even after you arrive at the airport.

Check out the main monuments, museums, squares, churches and attractions in our map of Rome. Click on each icon to see what it is. To help you find your way once you get to your destination, the map you print out will have numbers on the various icons that correspond to a list with the most interesting tourist attractions. Although the city is ideally seen in three or four days, sometimes visitors have only a weekend to see Rome. To make the most of your visit and see the top attractions in Rome and the Vatican City, try our 2-day itinerary:.

It is named after the district of the same name, which in turn took its name from ancient Baths of Diocletian in Latin , thermae , which lie across the street from the main entrance. The station has regular train services to all major Italian cities, as well as daily international services to Munich , Geneva , and Vienna. Termini is also the main hub for public transport inside Rome. Two Rome Metro lines A and B intersect at Termini metro station , and a major bus station is located at Piazza dei Cinquecento, the square in front of the station. The first two lines previously had separate stations elsewhere in the city, and, as the third line was under development, the city chose to build one central station, as opposed to the Paris model of having separate terminus stations for each line or each direction.

Colosseum Pantheon St. Peter's Basilica. Rome metro subway , simply called Metropolitana by Italians. The metro runs approximately every minutes, from am until Ordinary tickets can be bought throughout the metro stations from vending machines or booths. Tickets can be purchased also in newsstands and tabacchis.

Rome Train Stations and Maps

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