Liceo mamiani registro elettronico

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liceo mamiani registro elettronico

Brochure Mamiani. Terenzio Mamiani State Secondary School. (Curricula: Classical Studies, Modern Languages, Humanities . Registro elettronico. registro.

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Nel quadro di unampia preparazione liceale, consente di acquisire la padronanza di almeno tre lingue comunitarie e di approfondire la cultura dei relativi paesi. Liceo Classico S.
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Hai dimenticato la password? A State Secondary School with a long tradition, founded in and progressively enriched with new curricula. Human Sciences : instituted by the high school reform, this is a revised curriculum developed from the preceding Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical course, an experimental high school course authorised by the Ministry of Education in Human Sciences Socio-Economic Option : this became one of the official curricula offered by Italian secondary schools following the reform of By applying the tools of Social Sciences to the study of Economics, the course trains students to interpret the economic behaviour of individuals and of public and private organisations. The Classical Studies curriculum focuses on the quality of the learning process, offering a broad humanities-based education which, far from presenting a closed system of erudite sectoral knowledge, is designed to promote the development of mental flexibility and a critical approach.

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