Http support codejunkies com manuals

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CodeJunkies / Datel Product Support

http support codejunkies com manuals

CodeJunkies / Datel Product Support. Lost your product manual? Don't worry, you can get another copy here! Simple find your device below and click the.

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Manual zz. CodeJunkies User Account Registration Guide As of 18th November PowerSaves users are required to register a CodeJunkies account in order to continue to use the PowerSaves product - this is due to a major software update which has been implemented to improve the PowerSaves device and client functionality. Unless you have created a CodeJunkies account to buy a product from CodeJunkies, it is unlikely that you will have one and so will need to create a account with CodeJunkies. If you are unsure how to register for a CodeJunkies account, please follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide. If you know or do not think you have a CodeJunkies account, you will need to create one to continue.

Please re-check your license key and try again. Some game titles allow you to reset your save data and start again; please refer to the game manual for details regarding your specific game. If the cartridge is removed during the writing or reading process, save data may become corrupt or deleted. This feature should be enabled by default, however, if it is not, or has been disabled, it can easily be turned back on via the options menu. Prime gives you fast-track, priority access to cheats and enhancements before their general release. Simply pick up Prime Points in the Codejunkies store. Please make sure that the account you buy the points on is the account linked with your PowerSaves license key.

Page of 6 Go. Important Information. Transfer Dock Overview. Go to the webpage: www. Select the Powersaves 3DS software option beneath the download section to download the software.

Manual zz. Go to the webpage: www. Double click the setup file stored within the uncompressed folder to begin the software installation. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software to a location of your choice. When running the software for the first time you are prompted to enter your Powersaves 3DS license key and a valid email address. The email address which you enter is registered against your Powersaves 3DS license key.

Go-tcha users who have updated to version 1. This problem is triggered if users update to version This issue has been dealt with on units that are now shipping and a firmware update for current Go-tcha users will be available shortly. All other Go-tcha features are unaffected enabling use of the button to catch when prompted by the Go-tcha animation. For service status and updates please visit www. A full charge takes approx.

PowerSave 3ds User Manual




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