Mercatini di natale lecce

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Christmas markets in Italy: Lecce and its surroundings

mercatini di natale lecce

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Puglia becomes a trend not only for a summer vacation but also for a autumn-winter time. In november one may enjoy the process of new extra virgin olive oil creation, visit new and ancient frantoio plant where the oil is being produced , taste a new wine 11th of November at San Martino and vino nuovo holiday. And what about December in Puglia? Christmas is the time of year in which the traditions of the territory are rediscovered and in Puglia the traditions of the past are very much felt, also from the point of view of the dishes that are brought to the table for the holidays. Considering that Puglia is the sunniest region of Italy, choose it to escape from cold and use this time to visit the cities, sightseeings which might be difficult to do in summer because of the heat.

Can you feel it already? Days are getting shorter and colder, the warm aroma of roasting chestnuts fills the streets in town and, in the countryside, bare tree branches stretch towards a leaden sky over a crackling carpet of falling leaves. Christmas is coming. And if you plan to bring some Italian festive cheer into your home, now is the time to go. You can obviously hit the cities for a spot of shoppingóRome, Milan and Florence are particularly lively in December, with great light displays, but if you want something different, handcrafted and more traditionally Italian, consider a tour of the Christmas markets. We tend to think of Christmas markets as a quintessentially Northern and Middle European tradition belonging to Scandinavia, Germany, Austria. However, Italy has many lovely markets, partly of Austro-German heritage, especially in the mountain villages of Northern regions such as Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto, but also linked to the religious culture of the South, in places like Naples and Lecce.

After the celebrations in honour of Saint Martin November 11th and new wine, we begin to think about Christmas time. In Lecce and the nearby towns, all the local tourist offices and trade associations are committed to organizing the traditional Christmas markets. From Cursi December 3rd to Guagnano December 8th and Marittima December 17th , both adults and children, after some shopping, will have the opportunity to attend shows and taste tradtional winter products, such as hot chocolate and pittule fried dough balls. Above all, a special mention goes to the Christmas markets of Muro Leccese and Lecce. It is not just a Christmas market in a medieval village, but also an opportunity to get to know this lovely gem of the Salento region. The tasting of typical local products and the soft music of the bagpipes will brighten your journey through time. The location would be the former Theatine Monastery , a baroque building located in the old town centre which was, for some centuries, the seat of the Theatine fathers.

The Warmth of Christmas in Puglia








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