La voce del padrone battiato

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la voce del padrone battiato

Franco Battiato - Cuccuruccuccu (Azzurro 1982)

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La voce del padrone is an album by Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato, released by EMI Italian in The album followed L'era del cinghiale bianco.
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Summer On A Solitary Beach 2. Bandiera Bianca 3. Gli Uccelli 4. Segnali Di Vita 6. Il Sentimiento Nuevo Total time The opener "Summer on a solitary beach" begins with the sound of the waves on a beach, the rhythm is sprightly with keyboards in "new wave style" and Caludio Pascoli's sax in the forefront. The verses contrasts with the melancholic refrain.

La Voce del Padrone


Leave it to the Italians to produce some of the kitschiest yet, dare I say it, classiest pop music ever made. In my opinion, music in general peaked in the era of new wave, whose Anglophone faces such as Elvis Costello and the Talking Heads were brilliant, but overshadowed by an Italian named Franco Battiato. Thankfully, it was a return to his strengths, including an innate genius when it comes to creating hooks and an infectious playfulness similar to that of the aforementioned Costello and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. It departs from much of the popular music of the previous decades in Italy, which although a guilty pleasure of mine exhausted all the frontiers of crooners singing over overtly melodramatic orchestral accompaniments. He starts off by referencing Bob Dylan before transitioning to old Italian poetry and even German philosopher Theodor Adorno. Instead, it is rather wavery and nasal, yet it somehow works with its earnestness and self-assuredness. Battiato often double tracks his own vocals, which offsets his limitations rather well.

I used their filter to come up what their users thought were the top new wave music albums of all time, and this one came up in the Top Ten. Perfect, because I've never heard of the guy! As you might have guessed from the words in the track listing, this is an Italian album. I know Americans are perceived as being blissfully ignorant of other cultures around the world, especially of other languages, so I won't bother apologizing for what I just wrote there. I'll also be similarly unapologetic when it comes to putting accent marks on Italian words. We don't use them very much in the English language; therefore they must not be important.

The album followed L'era del cinghiale bianco and Patriots , which signed a return by Battiato to a more pop-oriented style. La voce del padrone , besides being Battiato's first pop success, was also the first Italian LP to sell more than one million copies. Before L'era del cinghiale bianco Battiato had begun to collaborate with violinist and composer Giusto Pio. In La voce del padrone Battiato could rely on Pio's collaboration too, even if violin was never used in the scores. The album is a mixture of synthpop , dance and progressive.

Franco Battiato:La Voce Del Padrone (1981)





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