Via del sale 4x4

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VIA DEL SALE 4X4 - Luglio 2018

via del sale 4x4

The route of the Via del Sale (from Limone Piemonte to Monesi) is an bike, motorbike or 4x4) on paths on white roads through some rings.

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Several possible answers. Please specify a location. Route planner Maps Map of Torre del Sale. Add to favourites. Renting a car, an attractive proposition for the holidays Renting a car Renting a car can be financially advantageous.

The route of the Via del Sale from Limone Piemonte to Monesi is an entirely unpaved road that connects the two countries, has a total length of 39 km and is open to transit during the summer and autumn months. Accessible to hikers and cyclists, the road is also open to motorized vehicles with a toll payment. The use of the refrigerator, at the beginning of the twentieth century, has made these streets obsolete, but now they are to be rediscovered, with all the charge, still current, of culture, nature and flavors! See PDF files hereby, or request your free copy phone Fenestrelle-Garitta del Diavolo, credit Sylvain

The Stelvio Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.
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The Limone-Monesi is a wonderful itinerary that winds down an old military road between 5. The unpaved circuit, which connects Limone and Upega, is mile-long 39 km and open to transit in summer and autumn. The path is freely accessible to hikers and cycle tourists, and it is also open to motor vehicles upon payment of a fee. Along their journey, travellers can experience the extraordinary charm of countless and unforgettable scenic spots: it will be impossible for them not to come back to retrace this fascinating path. Charming old track at high altitude linking Piedmont, Liguria and Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur, is now passable in safety for those who love hiking and mountain biking, quads, motorcycles and off-road. Daily permits are issued directly to the fixed control posts located at the locations mentioned above. They shall be subject to the payment in cash of a sum representing their contribution to the cost of running and maintaining the road, set at :.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. These days we take salt for granted, but centuries ago it was a matter of life or death, and where salt flowed in one direction, gold flowed in the other. There were hundreds of salt roads in Europe, leading from the marine flats of the Mediterranean, or from major ports like Nice, to wherever the salt was needed. And since it was vital for preserving food, salt was needed everywhere. In the Maritime Alps behind Nice, the different ruling dynasties of the region — the Counts of Provence, the Dukes of Savoy, the Lascaris di Tenda — sought to control and profit from the salt trade. Salt roads carved their way up gorges and over mountains, and villages became towns, became powerful cities, thanks to the tolls they imposed on the traffic.

The Salt Road - from Limone Piemonte to the sea

Stop for a moment and think about those perfect, sinuous curves of tarmac that adorn your favourite mountain vista., The salt roads between Piedmont and Liguria were lands of passage for shepherds, pilgrims, muleteers, traders and travelers who, from western Liguria and nearby Provence, reached Piedmont and northern Europe via the Alpine passes, creating dense networks of exchanges. These were places of transit guarded by many watchtowers scattered throughout the territory.

Trans Maritime Enduro Tour

A 6 or 8 day fully supported summit to sea point to point adventure through the incredible terrain of The Maritime Alps. If you opt for the 8 day route, we continue the route eastwards towards Finale Ligure. The route passes through high alpine ridges, lush forests before finishing along the terraced hills above the Mediterranean. A true blend of adventure and adrenaline in some of the wildest terrain you will ever find in Europe. This trip has been designed to make full use of 4x4 vehicle support to maximise time on the trails, but with heights of up to 2,m there is plenty of climbing involved. You will be collected at Nice Airport and taken to your accommodation in the Provencal town of Sospel at m. The rest of the day will give you chance to settle in, assemble the bikes, meet the guides and have a trip briefing.


Event in Melzo, Italy by Desartica Adventures on Saturday, July 16 with people interested and 56 people going. 10 posts in the discussion.
on the road in italiano




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