Raw una cruda verita

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I migliori film horror del 2017-2018

raw una cruda verita

RAW Red Band Trailer (2017)

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Uno nuovo ogni giorno. And a vegetarian. When she starts at veterinary school, she enters a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. Guided by powerful work from the young Garance Marillier and an eclectic score. The ending had me yelling in shock. I'm in love with everything and everyone in this film. Docurnau and Marillier, yes, but also Rumpf, Oufella and Impens cinematography.

Molti film del genere tanto caro a Dario Argento hanno debuttato al cinema. E possiamo riconoscere al cinema muto tedesco degli anni Venti e Trenta una grandissima influenza sugli horror movie in generale. Da Hollywood passiamo alla Magliana, pardon, al Mandrione, quartiere poco raccomandabile di Roma. Coraggiosi e positivi. Quali sono i migliori film da vedere in uscita nel ?

Grave, Crudo. Grave French. French Wikipedia. United States of America. Julia Ducournau. English Wikipedia. Garance Marillier.

The film received critical acclaim, with praise for Ducournau's direction and screenplay, though was met with some controversy for its graphic content. Lifelong vegetarian Justine begins her first semester at veterinary school, the same one her older sister Alexia is currently attending and where her parents met. Her first night, she meets her roommate Adrien, who is bisexual, and is forced to partake in a hazing ritual, welcoming the new students. They are brought to a party, where Justine feels uncomfortable until she runs into Alexia. Alexia shows Justine old class photos of students bathed in blood, including one with their parents. The next morning, the new class is splattered with blood and are forced to eat raw rabbit's kidneys. Justine refuses, saying she is a vegetarian.

Raw (2016)

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