Nikon 200 500 vs tamron 150 600 g2

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Nikon 200-500 or Tamron 150-600 G2

nikon 200 500 vs tamron 150 600 g2

Canon 400mm f/5.6L vs Tamron 150-600mm G2 lenses for Wildlife Photography

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A Canon G5 and a bit of Nikon gear. But they're all pretty sharp and capable. I found the has the best VR and typically delivers the best IQ and bokeh. I went for the Tamron G2 and been happy with it. I shoot a lot of birds and use all mm a lot and often wish for more. I would not like to give up that extra mm.

Of course I'm talking about the Tamron mm f/ VC, the Sigma mm f/ DG Contemporary and the Nikkor mm f/E VR.
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Be prepared for a need to sharpen your shooting technique whichever you choose After refining my "long lens" technique, my images improved out of sight without any fine-tuning or modification required; except to my non-existent "long lens" technique! However, mm rewards by putting more pixels on the bird. It is no surprise that mm is the FL of choice for many professionals in this genre. Well, I tested both lenses in the store at their longest focal length I was impressed by the Tamron at mm for sure, but the Nikon impressed me more at mm, not to mention the VR! First time I held either one of those two lenses and the Nikon gave me the least blurry and more detailed shots.

Tamron 150-600 G2 or Nikkor 200-500

The Nikon mm lens and the Tamron mm lens are two of the most popular super telephoto lenses available for Nikon DSLR cameras and frequently compared to each other. As with most comparisons each lens has advantages over the other, but now with the new G2 version of the lens selling for the same retail price as the Nikon mm lens the comparison is even more interesting. The general consensus of these two lenses is that the Nikon may be slightly sharper and the Tamron has slightly faster autofocus.

Nikon 200-500mm vs Tamron 150-600mm G2 Lens Comparison

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Apr 21, I've found several discussions on this but none that actually address my question. I currently have the Tamron G1. I've used it a fair amount and it does well but the pictures always seem a little soft. I've read that the new G2 version, as well as the Nikkor , is much better.


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