How to work with gimp

Getting started with GIMP

how to work with gimp

GIMP Advanced Tutorial, how GIMP works with video.

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We know that a lot of blog readers use Gimp and, in the interests of taking a step away from Photoshop for a minute, here are 5 of my top tips for working with Gimp. Gimp makes it dead simple to round the corners of an image. A dialog will open. You can select to work on a copy of the image rather than the original , and select whether or not to add some background behind the curved corners — the current background color is used for this. Click Ok to round the corners of the image. When I use Gimp, I sometimes forget and use Photoshop keys for things like deselect. Unfortunately in Gimp, the Photoshop deselect keystroke duplicates an image!

On this page, the first section of our ever growing? Use the text tool to add some text. You will get a new text layer which you can also see if you look at the layers dialog. You can use the move tool to move the text where you like to have it. Then merge it with the white layer below by choosing Merge Down from the Layer menu. You should now have one layer with black text on white background. Now add a new layer to the image with the help of the New Layer button in the layers dialog.

Security Internet. Entertainment Internet. There are some different features, and the tools often have different names, but the basic principles are the same. Getting the horizon askew is one of the most common mistakes in photography , and also the easiest to fix. GIMP 2.

The Basics Tutorial

Show less GIMP is a software package that does a lot of what Adobe Photoshop does, but has a much smaller price tag - free!,


LEARN GIMP IN 30 MINUTES - Complete Tutorial for Beginners


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  1. GIMP Quickies Use GIMP for simple graphics needs without having to learn advanced image manipulation methods. Simple Floating Logo This tutorial walks .

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