Se potessi avere mille lire al mese

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se potessi avere mille lire al mese

Se potessi avere mille lire al mese, the recurring theme of the song, makes use of a verb form which has more or less died out in the English.

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Trio Lescano was a vocal trio singing close harmony. The trio became extremely popular in Italy in the s and s. The trio was an Italian version of American groups such as the Andrews Sisters or Boswell Sisters, and was formed by three Dutch sisters Alexandra , Judith , and Kitty Leschan , whose names were italianized into Alessandra, Giuditta and Caterinetta Caterina Lescano. The three girls were born of a Hungarian contortionist and a Dutch Jewish operetta singer. They grew up in the Netherlands, where they worked as acrobats before forming a vocal trio. They arrived in Italy in the mids, and took up the name Trio Lescano. Directed by maestro Carlo Prato and thanks to the radio, they became immediately so famous that even Benito Mussolini, passing by their balcony one day, recognized them and stopped to greet them.

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All I have to do is find one Italian who likes Marmite. Like Like. LOL Good luck! That stuff is like motor oil! And yes, it was a staple in my English up-bringing but I refused.

The first verse goes:. Che disperazione, che delusione dover campar,. Se potessi avere mille lire al mese,. If I could have a thousand lira a month,. This song is so poignant today that a modern version of it has been made: se potessi avere mille euro al mese! Il congiuntivo the subjunctive is a modo mood or verb form that is regularly used in Italian to express wishes, thoughts, and opinions. The Italian subjunctive has four different tempi tenses : present present , passato perfect , imperfetto imperfect , trapassato pluperfect.

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