Tv salute e benessere

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programmi sulla salute e benessere piscofico

tv salute e benessere

Salute e benessere. Estate e attivita fisica. I consigli della dottoressa Aurino

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Ca 'd'Giorgetto Resort has all the traditional materials of the Piedmontese country houses: stone, wood, brick. Health and well-being on the hill of Busca Located in the heart of the Marquisate of Saluzzo, Ca' d'Giorgetto, is the ideal place to spend a pleasant stay in touch with nature, away from the clamor and bustle of the city. For lovers of the "mountain bike" For lovers of mountain biking there are countless paths of varying difficulty to suit even the most demanding enthusiasts.

Built and family-run by the Margonaris since , the hotel is situated in a pine forest at the foot of the ruines of the homonymous castle. From the Hotel, at an altitude of masl, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the village and the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites. It also provides its guests with the opportunity to participate in a rich program of activities to discover the untouched Adamello Brenta Park. The hotel has finely furnished leisure spaces with a wide panoramic terrace, this terrace has a heated Jacuzzi and chromotherapy. In the hotel there is a welcoming stove room named stube in Trentino as well as a colorful miniclub with evening entertainment for children. The restaurant in the hotel offers both regional and international food which is directly chosen and prepared by the owners, who focus on providing its guests with organic and home-made food.

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Il promo della prima Tv, web e digitale terrestre, di medicina, salute e benessere.



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