Lendl mcenroe head to head

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H2H 5: Jimmy Connors vs. John McEnroe

lendl mcenroe head to head

Ivan Lendl. 0. Rank. 58% Wins. John McEnroe. 0. Rank. 42% Wins. VS. Stats. Event Breakdown. ATP Premier Partner. ATP Platinum Partners. FedEx.

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With Lendl, however, the rivalry was of a different order. In terms of style and temperament, Lendl and McEnroe were like chalk and cheese. Lendl was impassive, robotic and well-disciplined. McEnroe was emotional, explosive and flamboyant. Serious Buttoned-down Son of Communism and sparks were bound to fly — and they did. While the Czechs had already produced players of the quality of Jaroslav Drobny, Jan Kodes, Martina Navratilova and Hana Mandlikova, the Czechs had never been in the same league as either the Americans or the Australians. Lendl was a solid baseliner with an especially strong forehand.

Today McEnroe, 57, and Lendl, who is a year younger, will be civil without being overly affable when they instruct, respectively, Milos Raonic and Andy Murray. Things were very different during their playing days. They never met with the Wimbledon title on the line but had one win apiece in their two finals at the US…. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Already a member? Log in.

Ivan Lendl's game just wasn't suited for Wimbledon.
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Broadcast in English Broadcast Archive. McEnroe, best-known for his legendary temper and exceptional serve-and-volley, and Lendl, famous for his ice-cold expression and heavy baseline hits, faced each other on dozens of occasions and the rivalry was intense. Today, though, as the veteran players prepare to meet in Bratislava, both say they are on far better terms than some might expect. A contrast in styles, McEnroe was unbridled emotion while Lendl kept a grim poker-face. Their most famous match-up was in at the French Open where Lendl came back from two sets down to win his first grand slam title. That particular match came down the wire:. He showed great courage in rallying from two sets down to accomplish it.

Ivan Lendl vs John McEnroe Head to Head and Rivalry

Not just a tennis rivalry, theirs was one of the great sporting rivalries ever. So elemental was their rivalry that the analogy of the opposition of two natural elements seems appropriate. Yet, despite that intense rivalry on court, a healthy respect was always maintained between the two. McEnroe, known for his on-court histrionics against other opponents, never lost his temper while playing against Borg in any of the 14 encounters during their professional careers. Both remain good friends to this day. A measure of their competitiveness, their record against one another, stands at a fitting McEnroe dominated on hard courts, while Borg was superior on carpet surfaces.

This was a tennis rivalry between Czech Ivan Lendl , and American John McEnroe , who met in their careers 36 times between and It is one of the most notable tennis rivalries of the open era. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Independent. July 8, Retrieved Ivan Lendl v John McEnroe.

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