Blake lively sex scene

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Blake Lively Spills on Filming Sex Scenes While Being Married to Ryan Reynolds

blake lively sex scene

A Simple Favor / Kiss Scene (Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick)

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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Well, almost all. Despite her wide variety of roles, Lively has always shied away from any type of work that would require her to appear nude. That is, until now. Her upcoming drama All I See Is You , which hits theaters October 27, contains the first nude scene of her career , but it was a pretty big decision.

Veteran year-old actress Blake Lively is making her first partially nude appearance on screen, and it's all thanks to director Marc Forster's creative vision.
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Blake Lively talks about why she finally decided to do her first nude scene in a movie

It may seem like being in the same industry as your spouse could create unnecessary tension and competition. But according to Blake Lively , the pros of being married to another actor far outweigh the potential cons. Especially because our job is so weird—you have to be married to other people, it's all so strange.




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