Kurama yu yu hakusho cosplay

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Hot! Yu Yu Hakusho Demon Kurama cosplay costume

kurama yu yu hakusho cosplay

YuYu Hakusho Ghost Files Poltergeist Report Kurama Cosplay Costume. US $ US $ Shipping: US $ Anime Cos Store Free Shipping.

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Free shipping. This auction is for a new craft-work costume custom-made even in your own size. Material: Twill. Standard Sizes. Costume making time: weeks.

Cosplay , YuYu Hakusho. When a friend expressed that he loved YuYu Hakusho, and wanted to cosplay as my favorite character, Hiei, I jumped at the chance to cosplay with him. It took a while to decide between Kurama and Mukuro, but after finding a Kurama outfit I really liked, I chose him. The costume was pretty simple; the only time consuming part was the applique blue design on the green changshan tunic. It worked really well! The most challenging part about this cosplay was making myself look more masculine. The binding was pretty simple, but the make-up was frustrating.

NEW YuYu Hakusho Ghost Files Poltergeist Report Kurama Cosplay Costume. US $ Free Shipping. Outshine others Cartoon Anime NARUTO Kurama.
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I want to cosplay Yoko Kurama so fuckin bad. I want to cosplay so many characters its unreal. Stay tuned for when my finances allow it lol. But I have some ideas on who I want to do but since I love pretty much all the characters I am pretty chill being whoever. Like Kurama would be awesome or Hiei if I got a main characters group.

Kurama YuYu Hakusho (Chapter Black)

Kurama Yu Yu Hakusho

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Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Sakura Featured By Owner Sep 7, Sakura Featured By Owner Jul 10, Good cosplay! Thanks a lot. Sakura Featured By Owner Jul 11,

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. In our opinion, there may be no Shonen tournament arc more action packed and heart pounding than Yu Yu Hakusho's Dark Tournament story line. Pitting off Yusuke Urameshi and his friends against numerous demonic fighters from across realities, each fighter had to figure out new abilities and power boosts in order to make their way to the toughest opponents waiting for them in Team Toguro. Kurama had to make more changes than anyone else, unleashing his demonic side and one fan celebrated the character through some amazing cosplay. Shonen Jump's Official Twitter Account shared this cosplayer's interpretation of the "demon fox", holding the rose that would transform into his deadly plant-like whip:. Great Kurama! The rose is a nice touch.




Kurama Yu Yu Hakusho Cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee



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