West side story ballet

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West Side Story Suite

west side story ballet

A modern love story based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story Suite brings audiences to the feuding streets of s New York City with its.

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The story of Romeo and Juliet never gets old. Dive deeper into West Side Story and its legendary choreographer, Jerome Robbins, with these facts and photos. Jerome Robbins was a big deal. No pressure. Robbins was pretty strict on set. He had a reputation for being a perfectionist; he prevented the original West Side Story cast members from speaking to their rival gang counterparts offstage, in hopes that it would generate an authentic hostility. As challenging as it was to work with Robbins, Rita Moreno who played Anita says cast members were crushed.

West Side Story Suite is a ballet made by New York City Ballet balletmaster Jerome Robbins to the music by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics of Stephen.
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You hear the rhythm of loud finger clicking as the actors appear, followed by quick, insolent interjections of woodwinds and brass. Every snap, flick of the wrist, and audacious step is a declaration of bravado, arrogance, threat, and conflict. Welcome to West Side Story , where the movement tells the tale. In West Side Story , Robbins broke with musical theater traditions to portray the unglamorous world of urban gangs with all the gravitas of the classic narratives about the privileged class. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is the inspiration for the tragedy of Tony and Maria. However, Robbins took the simple conventions of the costume ball and the sword fight and transformed them into a glorious melee of jazzy, balletic explosions of dance to grab attention, ratchet up anxiety, and break hearts. A lifted shoulder, an outflung arm, or a stomping foot telegraph intent and action as well as any lyric or line in West Side Story.

San Francisco Ballet 's 75th anniversary season is only half begun, but its defining moment arrived Thursday in the troupe's fourth repertory program. Whatever thrills and spills Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson 's risky New Works Festival may bring us come April, we already know this: No one will forget these dancers snapping and singing their hearts out in the company premiere of Jerome Robbins ' "West Side Story Suite. That "West Side Story" is enduringly irresistible even in digest form doesn't explain half the excitement; the real drama lies in what Robbins' adaptation, until recently performed only by New York City Ballet , reveals to us anew about a relentlessly ascending troupe. Like William Forsythe 's edgy "Artifact Suite," though in a completely different style, "West Side Story Suite" unveils a San Francisco Ballet bolder, braver and more committed than we had thought possible. It's a triumph a long time in the making.

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With the opening of Don Quixote at the Arsht Center tomorrow, comes the closing of another season of extraordinary dance. Each ballet has created a unique experience on our journey to learn more about this rich, multifaceted art form. We have such a busy week ahead!

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