Mostra forte belvedere 2017

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mostra forte belvedere 2017

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I suoi primi studi sull'astratto si collocano nell'area informale. Nel comincia ad interessarsi al colore in quanto luce, alla grafia come pittura ed ai problemi inerenti alla percezione visuale. Da questo momento in poi, segno, luce e colore si identificano. Nascono i primi quadri chiarissimi in cui lo spazio viene scandito da variazioni luminose e le cui superfici sono trattate prevalentemente a matita. Partecipa alle rassegne europee di Nuova Pittura. Nel ottiene la cattedra di pittura presso l' Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara e successivamente presso le Accademie di Bari , Venezia e Firenze fino al

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After the exhibitions by Giuseppe Penone, Antony Gormley and Jan Fabre, and the collective one called Ytalia, this year the Forte Belvedere will host Gong, an impressive anthology dedicated to Eliseo Mattiacci Cagli, , Considered one the greater protagonists of contemporary art and one of the pioneers of the Italian Vanguard, he explores new connectionsbetween art and nature, between man and environment. Dena and Allan allowed us to publish this stunning photo taken on the balcony of one of our rooms. W find this picture really beautiful and romantic. Thank you Allan, "super photographer" Come back soon and stay with us again. The Chinese artist dediates its abstract oil painting to the road of silk and to its importance over the centuries.

Riccardo Guarneri

Would the full access, including night visits after 8pm, be ever re-established? Palazzo Vecchio Open everyday except Thursdays. Forte di Belvedere Open everyday except Thursdays.

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Sculptures are positioned throughout the interior and courtyards to occupy every part of the Forte, with its extraordinary views over the city and the surrounding hills. It has a long association with contemporary art and has often been used as a monumental context for monumental sculptures. Rather than attempt to insert works that try to match the scale of the site, I have chosen to exhibit works that are life-size and that will allow the mass and form of this remarkable construction to speak. Opposite, on the western side is a jumbled pile of the same bodies. Here, abandoned manufactured iron objects, each ten times the specific gravity of a living human body, reflect the shadow side of any idea of human progress, confronting the viewer with an image redolent of the conflict of the past century. This dialectic between aspirational and abject is the tension that runs throughout the exhibition. In finding the right places to make these confrontations and allusions, I want to create stumbling blocks that stop the viewer in their tracks.



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