Martedi grasso 2017 venezia

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Carnevale di Venezia, Italy February 2017 262

martedi grasso 2017 venezia


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C arnival in Venice is one of the most famous and appreciated in the world, rich in charm and mystery, set in the extraordinary environment of this beautiful city. It is a celebration of historic origins, mentioned for the first time in a document of by the Doge Vitale Falier. Always a period of fun and festivities, the carnival was once with an escape valve to relieve tensions and bad feelings that were generated within the Republic. All kinds of entertainment and shows were set up at St. In that period, which lasted much longer than today, Venice would be completely transformed, becoming an exultation of colours and triumph of masks of all kinds. Thanks to the anonymity offered by masks and costumes, every citizen was considered equal to others, ensuring at least a temporarily annulment of all class, gender or race differences; Not to mention that the mockery of the authorities and the aristocracy was largely tolerated. Getting dressed up was a way to get rid of your everyday reality and be treated like the others.

The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. The festival is world famous for its elaborate masks. Masks have always been an important feature of the Venetian carnival. Traditionally people were allowed to wear them between the festival of Santo Stefano St. Stephen's Day, December 26 and the start of the carnival season at midnight of Shrove Tuesday. As masks were also allowed on Ascension and from October 5 to Christmas, people could spend a large portion of the year in disguise. Maskmakers mascherari enjoyed a special position in society, with their own laws and their own guild.

The festival is world-famous for its elaborate masks. It's said that the Carnival of Venice was started from a victory of the Venice Republic against the Patriarch of Aquileia , Ulrico di Treven in the year In the honor of this victory, the people started to dance and gather in San Marco Square. Apparently, this festival started on that period and became official in the Renaissance. It reappeared gradually in the nineteenth century, but only for short periods and above all for private feasts, where it became an occasion for artistic creations. After a long absence, the Carnival returned in The redevelopment of the masks began as the pursuit of some Venetian college students for the tourist trade.

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The Carnival of Venice is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy. on Shrove Tuesday (Martedi Grasso or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash.
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