Los van van 2017

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LOS VAN VAN returns to Lehman Center Performing Arts to celebrate their 50th Anniversary

los van van 2017

Los Van Van - Legado ( Completo)


Maybe, yes and no. While the musicians are definitely talented, the execution brilliant, some songs are truly wonderful, and the homage to papa Formell is beautiful, I have some mixed feelings about this album… at certain points I feel as though the current team has somewhat entered to deep into a certain groove they have established… some of the songs, while not being bad by any means are just… too standard… sound too much like each other or like some other songs of their from recent years. So here is my review of the album, song by song. Although it definitely looses to a song with a similar name released by the band of a former member of Los Van Van, it still has a good tempo and rhythm, and in my opinion could be a great option for the DJ to play during the first hour of any good salsa party. Also, take note of the witty lyrics. Still, in this romantic, melodic yet still rhythmic enough song, one of 3 such compositions in this album, Vanessa does her best to step into those huge shoes, and is actually quite successful in her endeavor. Also, yet another somewhat weird first part for this song… a recurring theme for the album?

Los Van Van are one of the most important and influential bands in the history of 20th century Cuban pop music. Though the s were pervaded by groups that mixed folkloric and traditional music with the musical trends of the day, and the beginning of the 21st century saw that process go even further, in the s and '70s that Latino fusion sensibility was scarce at best. There were primarily two Cuban groups experimenting with mixing pop, funk, rock, and soul with their native traditions. One of those two was Irakere, and the other, far more long-lasting band was Los Van Van. Following the revolution, Cuban youth were profiled for talents and predispositions.

Los Van Van. James L. See all past concerts Unfortunately we were not able to make it, but a friend of ours was, review was excellent. Will try to make it next time they are here in NYC!!! Looking forward to more event alerts from song kick.

W hat we now call Timba began with NG La Banda in the late 80's, but the musical concept at the heart of Timba, combining Cuban music with modern creative songwriting, began 20 years earlier with Los Van Van. After the revolution, Cuba adopted the Soviet strategy of testing young children for a variety of aptitudes including musical talent and offering promising students conservatory training from an early age. Van Van has remained Cuba's most popular group for 32 years and counting. Formell was fearlessly experimental and coined the term "Songo" to describe the music stemming from his fusions of Cuban rhythms with synthesizers, all types of rock, rap, Brazilian music, merengue, and just about anything else that caught his interest. Formell, now nearly 60, has never stopped to rest on his laurels and never allowed his music to become dated. He continues to write hits which capture the imagination of the young, dance-oriented public in Cuba.

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  1. Los Van Van is the most recognized post-revolution Cuban musical group, led for many years . Since early January , Yeni Valdes left the band.

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