Valentino haute couture 2017

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The Best Runway Looks From Couture Week Spring 2017

valentino haute couture 2017

Valentino #HAUTECOUTURE FW 17/18

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Fashion Collections. Image: Getty Images. Piccioli looked back in time for this collection—back to Greek myths and legends, and the classical aesthetics and dreamscapes they conjure. The simple, straight silhouette gently commands attention as the floor-grazing hem moves languidly with each step the model takes. It paved the way for the looks to come, each as beautiful and dreamy as the last, with modest yet alluring shapes that were ethereal in motion. Behind each fluid silhouette though, lies exquisite technique and handcrafted skills.

Essence and truth nestles in dreams , where time does not exist and reality is the result of imagination. Haute Couture lives of imagination as well, distinguishing itself from attentions and rituals that place themselves out of time. The more its value is intimate, secret and personal, the more it is real. The impulse of gestures reappears in the classical forms. In the straight and vertical silhouettes which open up, which quiver with rouches, which vibrate with weaves and accumulations of matter. Lengthening, extending, capturing the duration on the surfaces: gentle and natural gestures. Conceal, disguise, cover: rituals of the Atelier that translate in objects both surreal and concrete.

Valentino has long worked with the delicateness of fabrics and the fluidity of movement. In their quest for perfection, the brand has already highlighted the creation of contemporary legends tinged with ancient inspirations. Red, the favored color of the latest Emperor of Fashion, has long been able to win over women on a quest for mastered sensuality. Muses of the Renaissance, poetesses and Shakespearian heroines, Valentino women are sleek Empresses soaked in Italian character. The entire collection seems to bear invisible traces of haute couture within it — the excessively worked compositions are whispered here.

Valentino Gives Athleisure the (Extremely) High Fashion Treatment for Haute Couture Fall 2017

Valentino #HAUTECOUTURE SS 2017

Greek Goddesses at Valentino Haute Couture Spring 2017

Though the collection wasn't as literal as that New York runway — Piccioli was reportedly inspired by the parallels between religion and haute couture — there was still a hint of the streetwear trend running through the pieces. That means pairing mink capes with tracksuit-silhouetted pants and acid-neon silks with laser-cut embroidery. The religious found its space in the hooded cloaks and gowns, and in the simple, modest shapes of outerwear. Toward the end of the show came the red carpet-ready gowns we've come to expect from Valentino , drowning in sequins or covered in intricate embroidery. Harder to wear for Hollywood starlets are the loosely ruffled and drawstring-inspired gowns — but we'll give you girls bonus points for straying from the expected if you promise to give them a whirl. Want the latest fashion industry news first? Sign up for our daily newsletter.

Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collection

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  1. It's an oft-repeated, slightly annoying fashion-world cliche to say that the purpose of haute couture is “to make women dream,” begging as it.

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