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ice road truckers

ice road truckers 2017

IRT: Deadliest Roads (TV Series ) . Narrator episodes, Hitch a risky ride along with the Ice Road Truckers as they drive headlong into.

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Following six men who haul diamond-mine supplies along frozen-lake roads in Canada's Northwest Territory. A monster storm brings record-breaking snowfall onto the winter roads; Polar drivers Darrell and Todd try to muscle through, while the rest of the team fights to survive, stranded in the wild with no help in sight and no hope on the horizon; and despite frigid temperatures, the war between VP Express and Polar reaches a boiling point. With the spring thaw in full melt mode, the drivers get one last lick before the ice roads close for the season. Steph Custance slips and slides deep into the trees off a slick road. A volatile season is winding down and it seems like trouble comes in doubles.

In addition, a casting call has been issued for family-owned trucking companies specializing in oversized hauling. However, the creators of the show that ran on cable TV for 11 seasons and episodes say nothing is certain yet. Former "Ice Road Truckers" star Todd Dewey was involved in a crash near Shelton, Washington, that left two dead when a passenger car crossed the centerline of Highway and hit Dewey's truck. History says it hasn't decided whether it will renew the show for a 12th season, but the show's star said on Facebook it appears the "show is history. Eastern on the History Channel. Lisa Kelly is the only one of the four that managed to stay out of trouble, until she tried to help one of the stranded drivers. Toggle navigation MENU.

Find qualified drivers and diesel mechanics with careersingear. No one-size-fits-all. Ice Road Truckers has been on the History Channel for 10 seasons. The series has showcased the struggles of Alaskan and Canadian ice road truckers for more than episodes. But will there be a Season 11 or are IRT fans going to have to find their truck driving entertainment elsewhere?

It features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers, in remote Arctic territories in Canada and Alaska. Seasons 3—6 also featured Alaska's improved but still remote Dalton Highway , which is mainly snow-covered solid ground. The newest seasons are mainly focused on Manitoba 's winter roads. The series' eleventh season finished airing on November 9, Based on Edith Iglauer 's book Denison's Ice Road , the episode details the treacherous job of driving trucks over frozen lakes, also known as ice roads , in Canada's Northwest Territories. After , reruns of the documentary were aired as an episode of the series Modern Marvels instead. Under this banner, the Ice Road Truckers show garnered very good ratings.

By Erik Pedersen. He was He was en route to filming the pilot for a documentary-style show involving the recovery of plane wrecks. His co-pilot, who was not immediately identified, also was killed. The National Transportation Safety Board is handling the investigation. Ward quickly became a fan favorite for his fearlessness on the treacherous routes and his compassion in helping other drivers, including his rivals.

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  1. Alex Debogorski, the only driver to be with the show since it started in , posted on his Facebook page today:.

  2. Ice Road Truckers (commercially abbreviated IRT) is an American reality television series that The newest seasons are mainly focused on Manitoba's winter roads. The series' eleventh season finished airing on November 9,

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