Virus intestinale marzo 2017

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Los Intestinos y el Cerebro

virus intestinale marzo 2017

Gastroenterite nei bambini

2017    validità biglietto treno regionale

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In January, we announced the completion of the first two rounds of peer review and ethics review in the Social Media and Democracy Research Grants competition. Today, we announce that we are nearly finished with our third round of review, a process that to date has included researchers and peer reviewers representing every continent but Antarctica. Global representivity is a major goal for this project. Social media scholarship must strive to be as global as social media itself—involving a diverse group of both scholars and reviewers. Historically though, the distribution of resources for this social data research has tended to favor scholars working in and focusing on the United States and Europe. Overcoming this inequity will not result from a smattering of small-scale projects, but from structural efforts to eliminate barriers to global participation by creating equitable and secure pathways to social media research. The Social Media and Democracy Research Grants competition seeks to furnish exactly this structural change.

Medicine Tradizionali: uccisioni e torture di specie minacciate

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  1. Ogni anno migliaia di animali, spesso appartenenti a specie protette o minacciate vengono uccise per rifornire il mercato, legale e illegale, delle medicine tradizionali, soprattutto in Estremo Oriente.

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