Manoppello volto santo 2017

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Santuario del Volto Santo, Manoppello

manoppello volto santo 2017

Viaggio a Manoppello: il borgo, il Volto Santo e Santa Maria Arabona

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Badde published his interview with Bruno Forte, the archbishop of Chieti-Vasto the Italian diocese, in which the Holy Face of Manoppello is located on the same day, both in German as well as in English. Subsequently, on 9 August, it was also published in Italian. It was an ancient Jewish custom to put such a precious and rare cloth on the face of a deceased one. All the evidence shows that the face on this particular cloth is not man-made. That is to say, there are not any particles of paint to be found on it. John as being particularly set aside in the tomb, as distinct from the Shroud of Turin itself. Badde himself has been tirelessly working to promote this still little known treasure which the Catholic Church has at her disposal: that is to say: the true image of God.

The photo images of the miraculous veil capture so well the changeability and infinite beauty, mercy and peace found by gazing on the Holy Face. Peter and St. Daren Zehnle. Padre Pio O. Padre Pio, a Friar Minor Capuchin priest and mystic, was well-known for his many spiritual gifts such as the stigmata, bi-location, and for his ability to read the hearts of penitents who came to him in confession. During his life St. Padre Pio suffered as Our Lord did, not only through physical pain, but by humiliations, calumny, slander and mistrust that deeply wounded his heart, in this he shared in the suffering of the Face of Christ.

Looking at the Face of Christ at the moment of the Resurrection is life changing.
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The veil in the reliquary of the high altar Research undeniably proves that the Veil of Manoppello comes from Jerusalem. The consolidation of the Countenance's image took place in the tomb of Jesus at the moment of His Resurrection. The oldest legend, so called Kamulian, dating from the 6th century, mentions that the image of Christ's face arrived in Constantinople in AD from a small place called Kamuliana, located close to Edessa. A sixth-century text from Tbilisi reads that after the Ascension of Jesus His Mother kept the image, which was created in His tomb, on a piece of cloth. She is said to have received the image from God the Father so that she could pray looking at the face of her Son. Another legend which has been used to explain the creation of Christ's Countenance's miraculous imprint mentions Abgar, the king of Edessa.

Inside the Shrine of Manoppello is enclosed, in a case, what is recognized as the true Face of Jesus Christ. A legend tells that in a pilgrim presented himself to the physicist Giacomo Antonio Leonelli and gave him the precious gift. The veil remained in the Leonelli house until , then was stolen by a soldier of fortune and sold to Donatantonio De Fabritiis and from these donated to the Capuchin Father Clemente da Castelvecchio, who placed the relic between two glasses with a walnut frame. From the Holy Face is exposed to the veneration of the people. It is a soft veil, the warp and the weft are intertwined in the form of a normal weaving. The cloth measures 17 x 24 cm and shows the image of a male face with long hair and a beard divided in bands; it is the only case in the world where the image is identically visible on both sides. No residues or pigments of colour can be found.

Great place! Looking at the Face of Christ at the moment of the Resurrection is life changing. His Face should be our focus. I went here with a large group of Irish pilgrims recently. We were on our way to visit Padre Pio when we heard ohh this sanctuary. Well worth a visit, everything was explained by a very helpful German nun! This is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in the world.

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