Fifa 2017 vs pes 2017

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FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 ultimate comparison

fifa 2017 vs pes 2017

Soccer/world football is the only sport with two high-budget releases available to fans. EA Sports' FIFA series has been the best iteration of the sport for years, but Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer has made significant strides over the past two years. However, when you take into.


Some believe the franchise's sharp gameplay has helped it overtake FIFA. PES ' march forward can be traced to its adoption of the Fox Engine. EA Sports isn't going down without a fight. The series debuted a single-player campaign mode with a full cinematic story in this year's game, and the war is on. Which game offers the most to consumers? Let's be clear: both games look great.

Konami's really bought its A-game this year, but EA Sports has delivered some brand new modes, features and gameplay. There's no word on when PES will arrive, but we expect it will launch around September too, as is the norm for Konami's football sim. That's the same graphics engine that powers games like Battlefield 4 , Battlefield 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront. What that means for FIFA 17 is more realistic animations, enhanced facial and motion capture, along with triple the amount of animations to make your match feel even more exciting. You'll also experience better lighting playing Old Trafford at night was pretty impressive along with gaining access to brand new areas of the pitch, such as changing rooms and the tunnels for the pre- and post-match interviews.

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Boca Juniors vs. River Plate. Football is filled with fearsome rivalries that stretch back decades, with each explosive clash adding a new chapter to the never-ending story that is the beautiful game. One of the sport's younger derbies is a digital tussle, and until recently had become something of a one-sided affair. The global skirmish sees developers EA Sports and Konami battle for the game industry's proverbial title and the affections of players around the world.

FIFA 17 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Most video games, even blockbuster sequels, exist in a kind of isolation. - Set-pieces have also been reworked, with an aiming reticule provided for corners, and your player is now able to move up and down the touchline before taking a throw-in.

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FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Who's taking the cup this year?




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