One piece manga 885

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One Piece's Latest Episode Preview Houses A Big Spoiler

one piece manga 885

One Piece Chapter 885 Review "The Ultimate Cake!"

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So our cover is continuing the saga of Ideo and how they now need a new boat. How badly did they destroy the old one? And it seems like Jeet is a shipwright if he knows how to repair this. We see Katakuri accidentally remind Luffy of his limits with gear 4 and Luffy just books it. Huh, thanks Katakuri.

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The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet Vol. Ideo Arc - "Anchoring the Ship on a Deserted Island Luffy runs out of time in Gear Fourth, so he retreats from his battle with Katakuri and escapes the Mirro-World while holding Brulee captive.
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Discussion in ' Past Predictions ' started by Owl , Nov 7, One Piece Forum. Wano Hype Facebook. We have a new Facebook page! You can like it by clicking HERE! Expand Collapse. What do you think that is going to happen in the next chapter?

Chapter 885

Episode You can help the One Piece Wiki by expanding it. In the manga, Sai speaks of his plan to cut ties with his country right before Wapol appears.
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