Forte village triathlon 2017

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forte village triathlon 2017

Forte Village Triathlon - MACCA’s “BELLISSIMA"

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Please refresh the page and retry. A t what point did I become the kind of person who goes on holiday to do a triathlon? It must have happened within the past three years: between desperately shipping myself off to a boot camp just before my first marathon and coming to the astonishing realisation that not everyone who does these things is completely hateful and that, in fact, some of them are really rather nice; and giving up booze 15 months ago, my sober state forcing me to redefine my relationship with holidays. Before, the only criteria for going away was a will I get a nice all-over tan and b is there a good babysitting service so that the husband and I can prop ourselves up at the bar after dinner every night? If a friend told me about a great place that had a brilliant array of watersports and daily group exercise classes, my eyes would begin to glaze over.

Our friends from the event want to share a few reasons why you should consider visiting Sardinia this year. Last year more than kids took part! Competitors who choose to stay at the resort will benefit from a discount on their race registration, while staying at the venue also means having transition only seconds away from their rooms. Importantly, your carbo loading will be aided by breakfast served being served from 4. Competitors are assured a fantastic race experience alongside the biggest Pros from around the world. Athletes will be able to train in the days before the event, and take part in the race course recce with some of the Pros and explore the local environment.

Posted by Trimax-P vendredi 28 juillet News 0. Discover our brand new website now! We are continuously working to improve your experience at the Forte Village Triathlon. You will live incredibly strong and unforgettable emotions during your race on the 28th and 29th October so, to start you in the mood, we have created a new website that represents our race and the location at its best. Remember, Forte Village Triathlon is the best way to end your triathlon season for in a marvellous location sharing the experience with your family and friends!

The international triathlon event, which took place at the Forte Village on Saturday and Sunday, involved over 1, participants, divided into Sprint, Duathlon Kids, Half Distance, individual and relay race and the Challenge Women race. The organization of the Challenge Sardinia had to face, in the early hours of the day, a challenge to the challenge. To ensure the maximum safety of all athletes the event management was forced to cancel, with regret, the swimming section of the triathlon due to adverse sea conditions and implement a plan B. The age group athletes and the relay teams, however, started the race directly with the bike section, according to the rolling start procedure, two athletes every 10 seconds. Although the adverse sea conditions remained unchanged, the climate of the day improved midmorning, giving warmth and sun with almost summer temperatures. Matt Chabrot, who was recovering on the head group, lost ground due to a slip on the wet surface where it had rained earlier but at the turning point he managed to get back to catch the first three. The Danish Daniel Baekkegard, however, lost his position due to a technical problem.

Challenge Halfe Elite — Female. Challenge Half — Age Group — Female. Challenge Half — Age Group — Male. Challenge Half Relay. Challenge Sprint Female. Sportograf Gallery Saturday Kids Race Number: Saturday Race Number: Sunday Race Number: A full program of activities, experiences, moments of sport and fun for all participating athletes but also to share with families and friends.

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