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scuola di cinema milano


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The National School of Cinema is part of the Foundation Film Experimental Centre Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di cinematografia which comprises two distinct sectors: the National Film Library , one of the most important film archives in the world, and the National School of Cinema itself, engaged for over seventy-five years in the formation of excellence for the professions of cinema. The Foundation Film Experimental Centre is the most important Italian institution of teaching, research and experimentation in the field of cinematography , in its broadest sense: film, documentary, fiction, animation. It also has the objective of discovering and training new talent. One of its aims is the development of film and audiovisual art and technology to a level of excellence through two distinct areas of the Foundation itself:. The National Film Library preserves the Italian film heritage about , films, of which are available for cultural diffusion and deals with the conservation, increase and restoration of works. It also plays a role in Italy and abroad in enhancing and promoting this cultural heritage through agreements with cultural institutions, cultural associations, schools and universities. Over the past 80 years, whole generations of filmmakers and the most distinguished representatives of italian cinema have passed through classrooms and sound stages of Film Experimental Centre.

Basic facts Complete Name and Acronym in original language :. Theoretical education and laboratory research and production have always been the focus of our teaching methods, placing a great deal of attention on the evolution of systems and languages, comparing its approach constantly to the world of art and production. Production is the experimental activity in which all the main formats are tackled: fiction, information, advertising, videoclips, multicamera productions, installations, series. Students, working in small groups or in bigger film crews, approach all stages of audiovisual production: organisation, shooting, VFX and post production are the situations in which they can try their skills. Creativity, expertise, group work are the basic elements of our teaching method and what makes it possible for our graduates to successfully find employment in such a specific market. Post-Graduate Training for students with an M.


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  1. The School has been operating since the '60's and has trained whole generations of professionals who are well-known names in the regional and national audiovisual market, such as journalist Benedetta Tobagi, directors Michelangelo Frammartino, Maurizio Zaccaro and Roberta Torre, editor Carlotta Cristiani, photography director Gino Sgreva, author Francesco Mandelli.

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