Pastor tb joshua preaching

T. B. Joshua

pastor tb joshua preaching


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Christian pilgrims and tourists react during a religious retreat lead by T. Joshua, a Nigerian evangelical preacher on Mount Precipice, Nazareth. Some worshipers sang in various languages while others collapsed and even vomited during Sunday's event, presided over by T. Joshua, who has amassed millions of followers on social media from his base in the Nigerian city of Lagos. What a blessing. No other place would have been better for Jesus to come from.

It's the middle of a working day, in the middle of the week, but the trickle of worshippers at the Synagogue Church of All Nations is quickly becoming a flood. Around 1, people sit silently on plastic chairs cooled by dozens of floor fans at the church — a building reminiscent of an aircraft hangar just off Accra's industrial Spintex Road — watching its founder delivering a sermon on his own dedicated 24 hour TV channel, Emmanuel TV. His regular Sunday services in Nigeria boasts attendance rates of around 15, and the Nigerian government has reported that the number of worshippers travelling to the church in Lagos have significantly boosted tourism to Nigeria. But he is an increasingly controversial figure in Ghana , after a deadly stampede at the Synagogue Church last Sunday left four people dead and at least 30 injured. The worshippers were hoping to obtain holy "new anointing water", which Emmanuel TV had announced would be distributed for free.

In a series of tweets, the popular cleric talked about what it really means to be a believer.
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As they called for the glory of the Lord to […]. Draw my heart, oh Holy Spirit, that I may know You more and more. Draw my heart, oh Holy Spirit, that I may do what is holy. Oluranlowo mi! My Helper!

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Betty was brought in up 'slavery'. But she turned on the man who 'rescued her' and ferociously fought him - leading to a seemingly irreconcilable marital division.

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I was conscious that my body was sitting in the chair, in our room. As we entered, I saw three gift boxes. One had my name on it, the second one was given to a pastor I know and respect and the third one was given to T. I saw T. Hours later, I was still trembling. I felt as if electricity was flowing through my body.

Temitope Balogun Joshua born June 12, , commonly referred to as T. Joshua , is a Nigerian pastor , televangelist and philanthropist. Joshua is known for his popularity across Africa and Latin America [3] and his social media presence with 3,, fans on Facebook. As of [update] , according to Forbes , Joshua was Nigeria's third-richest pastor, [13] although the claim was immediately denied in a statement by the church. According to Joshua's official biography, unusual circumstances surrounded his birth.


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  1. Joshua has been publicly condemned by several prominent pastors within Nigeria, his most vocal critic being.

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