Colossus with feet of clay

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colossus with feet of clay

WSF2016 - Plenary session - Russia: Global Colossus with Feet of Clay?

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Russia has no particular interest in Catalonian independence but Russian media were actively promoting the narrative about Spanish authoritarianism and Russian hackers helped the organizers keep their websites up. Nevertheless, an argument like theirs should be backed up with lots of facts and quotations, not just rolled out as a bald-faced assertion we must either accept or reject. Russian trolls can, in fact, troll and dispatch bots on any subject they like. True, in the body of the newsletter, there is this follow-up on the story. Spanish media have been on high alert.

So contemptuous of the people is the elitist Barack Obama that he has plunged the United States into yet another war without so much as pretense of a Congressional vote. He emerges as more brazen by far than George W. Obama simply ignored the Constitution and is playing the part of King. This is the highest of crimes and misdemeanors and the profoundest of threats to our already weakened democratic institutions. Constitution which gives Congress, not the Executive, the sole right to declare war.

Russian Music Samples. When Putin Retires The empire of the tsars failed to keep pace with other European countries. The war showed Russia to be militarily inferior to the more industrialized countries of Western Europe. The Black Sea fleet, composed of wooden sailing vessels, could not compete with the steam-propelled warships of the allies. Unlike their stand in against Napoleon, in the Crimea the Russians were unable to defend their own territory against outside invasion.

The Empire: A Colossus With Feet of Clay

8038 - Feet of Iron and Clay / Daniel and Revelation Unlocked - Francois DuPlessis


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  1. There is an article in the newspapers the other day about the two current economic giants: China and India.

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