Dipartimento di scienze dell educazione bologna

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dipartimento di scienze dell educazione bologna

Flipped classroom all'IC9 Bologna. Insegnanti Elena Marcato, Simona Cascetti.(2)

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This alternative pedagogical method, a training course, proposed to youngsters affected by ESL, will present the following terms : 1. The training course and mentoring will be trialed in the seven countries of the consortium taking into account their national specificities and educational background. Some points may be more highlighted in some of the countries together with the way to support both youngsters and professionals working with them. It will capitalise on the extant investment and strengths of the network, while significantly enhancing its ability to engage new members in achieving the following aims and objectives: 1. To provide support to university teaching staff, the network will a.

The aim of the Department of Education Studies EDU is research in terms of the production of innovative knowledge and the empirically based achievement of significant objectives from a scientific and cultural point of view. In accordance with its different identities pedagogical, sociological, didactic, anthropological and disciplinary aiming to develop a critical analysis of educational complexity, EDU promotes an interdisciplinary research culture, which deals with emerging issues in different areas, creating networks and synergies with educational and social services public and private ; with the various situations of the third sector, at local, national and international level and trying to increase scientific collaboration with other UNIBO Departments interdepartmental perspective. Via Filippo Re 6. Send an e-mail. People Structures Close. Online services. My e-mail.

Studies on the experiences of Health Care Professionals HCPs working with haemophilia are rare, despite psychological literature shows that the professional wellbeing correlates with motivation, teamwork, and a good quality of care. In order to overcome this gap, a specific technique was recently used to analyze the interviews of 62 HCPs physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, and psychologists collected in 7 countries during the first Qualitative Hero study The analyses revealed the cognitive and affective contents of five main themes that describe HCPs' experiences with haemophilia, regardless of where they live and practice. The themes are: 1 Dealing with policies, stakeholders and resources of the local care system; 2 Caring for impaired adult patients; 3 Communication and consultancy; 4 Caring for adolescents; 5 Consider family dynamics. This project is based on the idea that each theme represents an area where the use of different perspectives HCPs, PWH, families and patients' associations can lead to the identification of relevant cross-professional and non-technical skills that support multidisciplinary and comprehensive care of PWH.

This system supports training and research within Media Education, E-Learning and technology inclusion. The laboratory ex audio-visual laboratory has updated and expanded its functions and is now laboratory which services the Department of Education Sciences and the Faculty of Education Sciences.
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The adaptation of HE to cater for disability is of major importance from an economic, political and social point of view. Only through this can the employability of disabled persons be enhanced, and public policies focusing on the promotion of work, income security, poverty prevention and social exclusion can be supported. In this context, Chile, Argentina and Mexico goverments and HEIs have taken some measures to provide the necessary legal frameworks for the inclusion of disabled students within society however there are enormous voids between the law, public policies, and actual practices. Taking into account the substantial expertise and advancement in this domain in recent years by European universities, the project aims to raise awareness on inclusive education through exchange of good-practices between EU and LA HEIs. The main objective constitutes the development of a sustainable knowledge base and support structure allowing for a coherent implementation of disability initiatives, and directional strategic plans in LA HEIs. A network will engage stakeholders in an educational and social discussion for the inclusion of disabled students in HEIs and a new external relation framework will be created to facilitate their economic integration. The project addresses the risks to the continuing learning and school attendance of young people in Europe who are currently disadvantaged in formal education because they are challenged by their emotional and mental states and consequent poor social interactions Target Group 1.




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