Get rid of chigger bites

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Chiggers: Little Bugs with a Big Bite

get rid of chigger bites

Quick tip for Chigger bites

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Closely related to ticks, these mites are arachnids, part of the same family that includes spiders and scorpions. They don't prefer humans because we're big bullies. We easily brush or wash chiggers away when they bite us when we can catch them in the act , something their preferred prey—birds and reptiles—don't do. Chiggers are so small, you are unlikely to ever see them. The way you're most likely going to find them is by finding their bites. More than a few chiggers can fit on the head of a pin. The larvae, which are even smaller, do the biting.

Chiggers are the juvenile (larval) form of a mite called.
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They undoubtedly look like monsters, but while monsters might just visit you in your dreams, these tiny larvae called chiggers attack you for real. So, the next time you are trekking, camping, or even simply strolling through your lawn or garden, be extra cautious. Chiggers are initially red, but once they start feeding on your body fluids, they turn yellowish and become even harder to detect. Do you want to know more about chiggers and what you must do on being bitten by these creatures? Then, this article is just what you have been looking for! The remedies and tips listed in this article will help you get rid of chigger bites for good.

4 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Chiggers in Your Bed

Nearly microscopic, pesky chiggers can go unnoticed until they leave a parting gift: Big, angry bumps that itch like crazy. - Pest Wiki.

Taking the Sting out of Bug Bites


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  1. WebMD explains what to do if you get an itchy skin rash from the bites of chiggers , tiny pests that live in fields and forests.

  2. Information about chiggers (bites) symptoms such as intense itching, red raised bumps, pimples, or blisters. How to treat chigger bits. Proper clothing can help.

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