Quando è nato maurizio costanzo

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quando è nato maurizio costanzo

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Il libro di Dikens, che considero un capolavoro di stile, contiene valori sempre attuali specialmente in questo periodo. Buon Natale. Magic Lake and the splendid smile of Filippa Lagherback, the protagonist on the cover, will warm your hearts on the first cold days of December, exclusive interviews in the spheres of social solidarity, sports and culture will capture your attention as the numerous photos in the winter issue will delight you. In the editorials we'll try to interpret the spirit of Christmas taking inspiration from the values beautifully narrated by Charles Dickens in, A Christmas Carol, a tale that makes us understand how our lives can change with little things. Dickens' book, I consider a stylistic masterpiece, contains values still valid today especially in this time of year.

Un cover man internazionale che ha attraversato generazioni di fan e ancora non molla anzi, i suoi concerti registrano sempre sold out ad ogni latitudine, come accaduto a Milano in luglio. Should you reading our magazine it means that you decided to spend a "magic" moment of relax, comfortably sit to enjoy that short but nice time which comes after your vacation. We would pleasantly accompany you in the colourful world of Magic Lake in the best moment to have some anticipations of ehat autumn is going to bring in the months before the winter time. An international cover man who has entire generations of fans and he still rocks His concerts are always sold out anywhere in the world, as it happened in Milan last July.



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