Zuppa di cozze a napoli

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Zuppa di cozze - Picture of A Figlia Do Marenaro, Naples

zuppa di cozze a napoli

La ricetta della zuppa di cozze di A figlia d''o marenaro

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And with these chromatic premise, here you are Name required. Your Email required. The mussel soup of Holy Thursday is one of the strong dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, typical of the Easter season but prepared all year round because it is easy to make. A recipe tasty and simple, made of few ingredients, easily available: mussels, spicy chili, with a base of freselle, oil, tomato and garlic.

Our main lines of services offered are: Private chef, Food and wine tours, Cooking classes, and Travel interpreters. Trattoria, osteria, ristorante….. And more importantly what is the difference? A trattoria, like an osteria, serves simple, rustic food. Unlike a ristorante, a trattoria features a limited menu, often scrawled on a chalkboard or haphazardly scribbled on A4 paper and photocopied.

You eat in the middle of a square in the non-yet-gentrified part of Naples historical center. One might say it's authentic, bizzarre and even folkloristic. Others can be disturbed by the noise, the informal atmosphere and the cheap tableware and linens, or by the nice-but-weird waiters and owner. I personally love it because the most important thing, the food, is simply amazing! The best zuppa di cozze I've ever had in my life for the price of a kebab in most of European capitals.

Good and bad here. I went for the Zuppa and it was good and came out of the kitchen very fast. The service was almost an inconvenience, the waiters seemed to be more interested in carrying on there conversations and chain smoking. But in saying this, it added to the atmosphere and made it fun. The chaos that is Napoli. And yes the price was very reasonable.

Zuppa di cozze - Picture of Pescheria di Napoli, Naples

Gaetano and his staff welcome the customers with hospitality that is noted and appreciated both among the italians and foreigners. The menu is based on the famous Mediterranean Diet in which fish plays a fundamental part., Sono stato a fine luglio , ristorante abbastanza vicino all'hotel dove alloggiavo , non nel centro di Arezzo.

Benvenuti al Ristorante O’Puledrone





Il Golfo di Napoli, Arezzo





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