Pretty little liars 5x24

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I'm a Good Girl, I Am

pretty little liars 5x24

Mar 17, I'm a Good Girl, I Am is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on March 17, Contents[show] Summary The.

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Also, we saw some kiiiiiiiillllller crazy contraptions in the prophouse reserved for PLL season 6. We cannot even explain how weird and crazy and exciting these pieces are, in the context of the show emphasis on weird. Anyway, why think about season 6? Caleb, for just a billion things. Catie loves Caleb so much she ships him with everyone. She loves him so much she will even drop her moratorium on shipping portmanteaus.

It aired on March 17, At the Rosewood Police station, Tanner orders Toby to fetch coffee. Toby asks her if he is being punished for the gallery break-in since he is being told to photocopy parking tickets and fetch coffees while others are working on a case. Tanner questions him why he should be punished since he made an arrest that night and adds that she just wants him to make a coffee run as many of the officers are pulling back-to-backs and are tired. The next day, Aria is meets with Ezra at The Brew and tells him about the package. Aria asks him to take Mike up to his cabin but Ezra tells her that he cannot stop Mike from testifying if he is subpoenaed.

It could be Hanna. In the first Halloween episode she tells Hanna a story about twins. They both had blond hair. Then suddenly the girl is gone. Ashley was the only one who had seen the girl. Maybe it was some kind of a memory about Hanna and her sister, that they always used to fight. Like that time that Ali told the story, Hanna was the only one of the liars who heard it.

Earlier in the episode when Aria talks to Mike about not telling the police the truth, It becomes more obvious that there has to be a bigger reason why Aria doesn't want Mike to tell the police. Aria is going to do everything she can to try and prevent him from saying anything. She probably thought that if he said anything more things about the girls would come up. Things like Shaunna that Aria has been able to hide because she is Big A After the conversation that Mike had with Aria, she probably wasn't very convinced that Mike wouldn't tell anyone about what he knew to the police. Aria must've thought she had to come up with a plan to make sure that Mike didn't talk.

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